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  • -If you notice there are a thread with a lot of pages which involves Satoshi.
    (chuckling alertly) Good morning from my corner of the world, old friend, and what a way to finish this last month of a tumultuous year. Perhaps calling it that will be my understatement of the day today, between my review of My Little Pony's timeline and the explosion of activity among the Amourshippers. Are you doing well?
    Yeah the Z's can be generic. Yes, it will be amazing if Yuki is quieter than his Mom and Dad. When they quarrel (like in the scene I wrote earlier), he will quietly say, "Kaa-san Otou-san, Futaritimo Kodomo Ne..." he says it silently. (Translation: Mom and Dad, both of you are like little kids.)

    The least you expect parents from their son is being called immature.

    Do you watch Modern Family? Ash will be like Phil and Dawn will be like Claire :p It's a famous American Show, so you must at least know it exists :x
    Here's a scene I thought of. It's more about Ash and Dawn than Yuki though :x

    *Imaginary Scene*

    The family will have to attend a reunion party. Dawn will be all tensed up in the last minute. She will constantly trip, and keeps forgetting something or the other and runs up and down. They were late. On top of that, Ash will disappear. They search for him so that he could get the car ready. Ash pops in the last minute with something in his hand.

    "Yuki,look it's a Caterpie!" He comes out of the bushes.(He like showing some Pokemon to his son.) A couple of leaves will be stuck in his hair. Dawn will yell at him (she's almost hysterical because they are late.) Ash says Daijobu and whistles. Charizard appears. The three of them reach the party at an express speed.

    Except Dawn will be left with a messy hair. *She will kill Ash afterwards*

    Lol, I wrote mostly on Ash and Dawn than Yuki. :x
    Awww cute...he's a bishie!

    He's perfect......ALMOST. I think he needs Ash's sharp eyes considering how you made their eye colors the same. You could perhaps change it a *bit* like this. Let it go if it's difficult or messes up the drawing though. The same goes to the Z's under Ash's eyes. People can easily guess who is his father then, right?

    Basically I am telling to add a bit of fire or determination in his looks. Dawn is energetic and a bit clumsy, Ash is too energetic and is almost like a country boy. (In the Japanese version he makes weird dances, shouts like a villager and what not.) Dawn's the perfect opposite in this regard. She doesn't like to embarrass herself. Well I wonder what Yuki is.

    I can see Yuki and Oleander hitting off already. Yuki is a bishie, Oleander is tom-boyish(?). Perfect lol.

    Ash is neutral on dreassing, and Dawn puts a lot of focus on her looks....so the son would probably put some attention if not too much like his mother.

    I want to know what you and Dentogirl discussed, so that I can add something. (If I start from scratch we may differ a lot lol.)

    I can actually imagine Yuki to be a total opposite to his Mom and Dad and be somewhat of a silent person. He could even take a page from Iris's book and call his parents "Kodomo". Dawn will be a clumsy mother, always making stupid mistakes and embarassing Yuki. Ash is a carefree Dad who takes everything lightly.
    Good. Good. I am waiting for it then :p

    I think the shipping section is mostly dead. People hardly post in it. There's no activity going on etc. etc. Maybe you could try a Pearlshipping writing/fanart contest? Put up a 50 themes or so and tell people to pick a theme and write story on it. Not sure. I'd like to see more lively threads.

    I have a Pearlship bias too...but I love writing Paul because he's easily relate to, so it's basically a balance between the character I like the most and the Ship I like the most.

    Actually I am writing an Ash-centric fic called Beyond Truths and Ideals and I made a poll so that people could vote the girl they like so that she could be the main character alongside Ash. Hilda won with 28 votes, Dawn was behind with 24 votes. Misty, May and Iris were nowhere close to these two. But since the fic is centered around the conflict between Ash and N, I decided to make it Pearlshipping and give Hilda to N.(Lol I sound like a marriage broker:x)

    I am not sure about your interests, but if you like to read less-shippy fics and more action oriented fics....you can try it out. (It's not a compulsion :p) It will eventually be a Pearlship fic...for now it's just Ash :x


    I guess it's cool to maintain a good friendship over the internet. I've had a best friend on another Pokemon forums, sadly neither of us visit that forum anymore. But once Gen 6 comes, I guess we'll have a internet reunion lol.
    Well I don't know those many artists lol. I did saw a few good ones, but I put yours in the list of good ones.

    WOW, so we are all on the same page! Then I'm really looking forward for it. I bet drawing takes out a lot of time and you might not even get the correct figure in the first try itself. I can wait for a year if you manage to make it :p Okay, now I have something to look forward to!!!

    Btw, I see that you were the one who made the Pearlship thread but you seldom post in it. I was surprised because I assumed the creator of a Pearlship thread would be solely interested in Pearlshipping, and actually hate Ikari or Coma. I am surprised when you said they are your OT3 (correct term?).

    It is chaotic and capturing it in textual format will be a daunting task. I will do my best. I wish I had some talent in fine arts like you, I would rather make a Managaka than a fanfic but my talent in drawing is ZERO. Yes, the caps are necessary.

    Speaking of which, do you and Dentogirl (I refrain from using RL names lol) know each other in Real-life? Judging by the time you told me, it seems like you belong from US too. Do you live close to each other? Or are simply friends on Sppf?

    I understand the time zone issues lol. :p

    Good morning when you read this...unless you have randomly decided not to sleep.
    I am sorry...YOU are unsure about your art? Do you realize what you draw tops 90% of the fanart. Just check the conversation between me and Dentogirl (lol) to see how much I liked your art. It's top class. I want you to make more of them. :p Btw, I have been having this weird idea.

    First read this post:http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?411712-Pearlshipping-General-Discussion-3-0-*Spoiler-Warning!*&p=16072774#post16072774

    So, I was wondering how it will be if Cilan,Iris's daughter (Oleander the Purrloin Kid) and the Ash, Dawn's son (the Yukinari in my imagination) meet. If you have some free time, could you PLEASE work on an art of them? I(It's okay if you are busy or something :p)

    Thanks for your compliments. I am glad you liked my story. I have to work a lot to write the next chapter well. I have to juggle with five characters. Mainly Dawn will be yelling at Paul, Paul will gravely insult Ash, Mr. Berlitz will yell in the end, Dawn will cry, Paul will curse all his way back home and Ash...he's just a mysterious person for now
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