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  • Hey thanks for replying to my fic!

    By the way, 00Pokemon_Maniac had linked me to your deviantart profile. And I absolutely fell in love with a few of your works.

    I absolutely fell in love with this. It suits the image of Dawn and Ash I had as High schoolers in my H.S.S. I wanted to start the story at high school itself, but then it will be too Pearlshippy and some Ikari/Coma Shipping will be missed. So I started with the special dinner that will change their lives. The next chapter is the turning point of the story :p
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    So here it is,updated till page 314. ^^ (I had to do something since I am so dead D:)

    So,how is life?Have you graduated yet? :3
    Glad someone liked it!!!! I was worrying if at least one person read it, you cleared that for me. I'll see if I can update it or do something. Somehow I like Pearl/Ikari more than just Pearl or just Ikari
    It's a fire ferret :p So I bet it's warm and cuddly, I kinda wish Cyndaquil had evolved earlier and battled more proactively though. I loved Ash's battles in Johto a lot.
    YESSSS~! Ah yeah, I recognise. /)^3^(\

    Argh, somebody understands! I always feel self-conscious... even with people I like talking to. I have serious issues with it; like, even my best friend, Jack, I am more than fine with in person, but as soon as he asks about Skype, I go all "NO! NO, YOU CAN'T!" and die inside a little bit. It's like this for almost everybody. The only person I've skyped confidently is Cat, omg, what is my life? ;n;

    Anyhow, after that little rant, goodnight - it's late here, and I have school in the morning. ^^'
    I am just an anime badass, aren't I? I know. And omg, what is that face doing...? .__.'

    Sure thing, though I am still in the process of getting a working cam, aha... XD; [The amount of times Loko's yelled at me about getting a cam. XDD]
    Though it may be best for me to add you - nobody can ever find me for some reason. ^^;
    Ah, good. I watched Ouran dubbed too and absolutely loved it. >~>

    Ah, good. Now to break the gut-wrenching new to Gina. XD; Fun fun fun!!
    Ah, okie dokie - I'm glad you're not mad at me for not wanting to watch the Jap version; it just gets tiresome for me, honestly... :x (Oh, and sorry if that message I sent you sounded a bit harsh - I was mid-Math and bored. XD;)
    Oh no, I snuck it in. XD

    Fine, but Im NOT watching it in sucky Jap... I like to be able to understand it, and the subtitles bother me and block the screen a bit...
    I am good - currently in PE while typing this. XD
    I am still regretting agreeing to you and Gina - the crazy fangirls - getting me to watch Madoka. >~>
    IK LOL. XD

    Hehe are they? I guess in some ways, it kind of reminded me of a frilled lizard, but seeing as they are like a dog in someways and beardies are the "Labrador" of lizards...xD
    Interesting,I see the thread is getting some non-spammy and huge posts again.It feels quite...remarkable,taking that it is there for like 3 years without any new thing.(Let us agree that BW2 was mostly a lackluster part of it)
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