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  • Do not worry,for hell itself shall commence mahauahauhauhauhauhau XDDDD Nah,it is not that bad,and congratz on that ^^ Make me proud,sis xP Tumblr...why don't I see the point in that ****? xDD
    Well,anyways...we should talk soon.Like really talk lolz.Well,let's wait for your holidays for that.Surely you must be busy with your graduate stuff.
    I am...kinda dead,having classes from 8 to 8,which means waking up at 7 and arriving home at 9.Well,it is just twice a day I have that much,the other days I don't have the afternoon...but still,the afternoon is summarized by like 2 assignemtns per day.I am doing 2 for tomm,even though I am already tired for the full day(arrived home like an hour ago)

    It was very fun! :D Yeah I know. All of us buds. XDD <3 What was funny was the sh*tstorm afterward.
    Yeah I know what you mean. ;-; I understand perfectly.

    XD I can get that too. Well kind of. I'm used to writing fiction on Word, but it feels awkward writing posts there
    Awwww. D; THAT HAPPENS TO MY POSTS ALL THE TIME. ;-; But I guess it's best to write some thing big in MS Word, or Notes (if you use a iPhone/pod/pad.
    xDDDD It's so funny. I don't like that CilanxZira person, I'm like pretty sure they were the person in charge of that Dento group on dA (I wanted to join a group for good Dento art, but after looking it had terrible art blahg>.>) but anyway they banned Dento x Iris works from being put in there because "they don't like the pairing" but Sommelier, Cafemocha and Dento x OCs is allowed (and I actually wrote them saying that it shouldn't even have pairings if they were going to exclude people from showing their shipping preferences). And then they recently put a message up saying "We don't affiliate with Wishful or Negai groups" (apparently they REALLY hate Iris) so I was all "HAHA NOPE!" and I left. XDD
    I'm on Spring break too and it's more than awesome to be stress-free - I know I'm highschool, but I hate it when people assume that that means I can't be bundled with stress. I hate when people are in Uni/College and they're all "Wait till you get up here, you don't know what stress is, hahah." and it's like "Back the hell up bro, bleh.". Had to get that off my chest... XD

    I made a new OC for a Tumblr me and my friend are gonna do. My friend's is a goat called Toby, and mine is a pony (been a long time coming in all fairness. XD), whom is an arsonist... so that should be awesome. :')
    Haha, that's okay - one of my closer friends has that issue too; my cousin AND sis recently joined here. Do not friend them whatever you do. They're evil. XD Anyways, I'm good - just heading off to bed now though. Just been for a walk in the early morn, so yeah, that's my activity for the day. XD

    What about you? :)
    Haha I see. XDD I started watching when 24 episodes came out. XDD I haven't read the manga, but I heard it was good. I'ma stick with the anime for now, I love the colors! :D
    Haha yes I did! 8D I love it so far. In some weird way it reminds me of a mix between Pokemon Conquest (it's the outfits. XD) and Mystery Dungeon. XD
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