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  • Yeah I miss it too. You have no idea how much that thread would cheer me up. D= I swear, why can't people have any sense over here? It's really not that spammy on Bulba >.> in fact not at all due to the mods.

    XDDDD Yeah Happy Style is a bit plain. I tried the BW style, but that one felt too crowded gosh it's like Goldilocks XDDD this one is good, and I'm getting more used to it. XDD
    Plus, I support Narusaku in Naruto. This is actually important for me because that fandom is famous for using logic and rationalizations to support the pairing x3. Many Narusaku fans love theorizing the plot of Shippuden.
    I just hope it stays as is. If they really bring Team Plasma in to the saga now, the writers would need to stall Satoshi's last 2 gym battles and the Unova League. The series would then start to drag. The reason why Team Galactic was such an important factor in DP ANIME was because they were an integral part to the history of Sinnoh. Mt coronet was a MAJOR part of the Sinnoh region and the Lake Guardians, Origin trio were all connected with Galactic. Had Galactic failed to appear in DP, the entire plot of DP would be left unglued and you wouldn't have a masterpiece. The main reason I watched DP was because of its plot and how it involved the two main characters of Pokemon(Satoshi and Hikari). The BW saga really doesn't have a plot at the moment without Plasma. I have a feeling Team Plasma MAY appear in East Unova(after the league), or wont appear at all.

    This is why I love theorizing objectively using Pearlshipping as a connection to the plot of DP. With BW, I just watch it for humor ^^.

    I find BW saga to be really entertaining actually, but what Im saying is that the whole DP saga gives me room to think and theorize :)
    I do hope Oshawott evolves all the way, though seeing all the starters in their middle forms wouldn't be a bad thing.

    Yeah, I don't like Pignite or Emboar either.
    I used to go on there a lot. XDD I think I got like 7-8 or something on the Caption the Screenshots thread. It made me happy. ;-;

    Oh really? I've always used the default skin. I rather like it. XDD I didn't really like the other skins much :x Yeah I saw the happy style, it was too simple for my tastes haha. ^^;
    i write my fan fictions like scripts, but i don't add any detail. so is it ok if i send you a copy of what i have so far? i'm working on the third chapter right now.
    XDD That thing is epic. It's great because it lets you know when your jokes are working.

    Oh really? XDDD I'm using the default style haha.
    It's nice...I kind of miss the celebii's though...:< Too bad there's not a nifty "like" button like there is on bmgf though. XDDD
    Yeah, with Ash's Infernape and going Super Saiyan.

    Maybe. I do hope Ash's Pignite does not evolve though.
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