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Last Activity:
Feb 14, 2015
Jan 30, 2013
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Nov 11, 1996 (Age: 23)
I could tell you...

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A little more human, 23, from I could tell you...

Yveltal96 was last seen:
Feb 14, 2015
    1. Blaziken Kick
      Blaziken Kick
      Well Hello Yvetal.
    2. The Master Chief
      The Master Chief
      That's one crafty jeffery. Did ya find it
    3. The Master Chief
      The Master Chief
      I'm all about being mean B-)

      Kudos to you. An alligator ate your lizard??? Lol, jeffery. Funny name xD
    4. The Master Chief
      The Master Chief
      UGh, hurry up and die already :-( lol

      what'chu been up to :p
    5. mjunior3
      Oh, ok, lol. Been way too long man
    6. mjunior3
    7. The Master Chief
      The Master Chief
      When you die can I have your soul?

      Are you dead yet?
    8. The Master Chief
      The Master Chief
      damn. how about now?
    9. The Master Chief
      The Master Chief
      hai. u dead yet?
    10. Absol Of The Apocalypse
      Absol Of The Apocalypse
      thats a good idea! maybe a sylveon roar, and a wish passer.
    11. Kelz
      I think the majority of my cards are EX Ruby & Sapphire through early Black & White stuff. I have some older cards thrown in too, but no Base Set cards I think. I really haven't looked at them for a while. They're in a plastic storage box in my closet tipped over. x) I should really clean my closet out...
    12. Absol Of The Apocalypse
      Absol Of The Apocalypse
      whats a shuffle team? like a baton pass team?
    13. Kelz
      Oh my God, when I was really young my cousin gave me all of his. But then my Dad threw them all away. Given the time I'm sure there were some Base Set cards in the lot... :(
    14. Kelz
      I mean I grew up with Pokémon like everyone else, I had a lot of the cards and played XD a lot, but Diamond was the first main series game I owned. And it became an obsession after Diamond. :p I don't really know why I never played Gen. III.
    15. Absol Of The Apocalypse
      Absol Of The Apocalypse
      yeah, i only won one game, throughout all day xD that was pretty funny, most of them are like Flying versus the rare (but common for me x.x) rock mono.
    16. Kelz
      Same. Everyone at my school emulates R/S/E on their phones, saying things like "This game was my childhood!" Meanwhile I started with Diamond. Well XD technically, but Diamond was the first game I really got into.
    17. Kelz
      Yeah, I plan on dropping history and foreign language senior year, so that's what I'm hoping for.
      Are you excited for OR/AS?
    18. Kelz
      Did you skip a grade? Yeah, sophomore year's been great on the social end of things, but work-wise I've hated it.
    19. Absol Of The Apocalypse
      Absol Of The Apocalypse
      I did, i met (what i thought was a mega for some odd reason) Houndoom, that was nasty plot, with choice band on it x.x
    20. Kelz
      Nope. I'm a sophomore x)
      I've still got two long years of hell ahead of me, that's for sure.
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  • About

    Nov 11, 1996 (Age: 23)
    I could tell you...
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Hello, my name is Justin and I turned 18 this last Veteran's Day. I just got my license back in February, and I do enjoy driving a lot. As you may have noticed by my signature, I love both Grass, Bug, and Dark type. My favorites from each are Serperior, Scizor, and Zoroark, respectively. My first Pokemon game, and my first video game ever, was Pokemon FireRed, and I got it for my birthday from my uncle. Soon after I got Donkey Kong Country for the GameBoy along with Super Mario for the GameBoy. My second video game, was for the PlayStation2, and it was Kingdom Hearts. Some other series I have gotten into over the years include titles such as inFamous, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, and Halo, along with other games.

    I enjoy being with my friends, and I have made lots of friends on here as well. My favorite kind of music is Rock, and basically all aspects of it. Anything from Death Metal to Hard Rock to Alternative, I listen to. My two favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch. I already pre ordered Avenged Sevenfold's newest album coming out August 27th, Hail to the King. I also have pre ordered Five Finger Death Punches upcoming album, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell. These bands are also among my favorites: Sick Puppies, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Killswitch Engage, Black Sabbath, Chevelle, Evans Blue, Godsmack, Nirvana, Seether, Skillet, My Darkest Days, Shinedown, Sevendust, Staind, and The White Stripes.

    When I first came here, I kinda had to learn everything on my own and I was made fun of by The DragonKnight for not knowing how to do certain things >.> that's why I help newbies that don't know how everything works here.

    I like to laugh a lot, especially when it involves being morons with my friends. I can be a little weird sometimes, but get used to it, that isn't going to change.

    Also, yes, xerneas96 is my brother. We're twins. I have answered this question more times than I would care to have done, so figured I may as well put that in here. In fact, one of the mods, who will remain unnamed *cough*Kreis*coughcough* accused me of having an alternate account (xerneas96). So, yes, he is my brother, not a ****ing alternate >.> According to YourPermanentRecord, I have a triplet and he will appear when the unnamed Z Legendary of Generation VI is revealed and he will be named (insert Z legendary here)96.....nice theory, but I only have a twin >.<

    I originally came here, because I noticed Daedric Design, an art shop, and I really liked the artwork, so I created an account. I am currently a V.I.P. at the shop, and Sworn Metalhead has made all of my signature banners ever since I got here, and aren't they fantastic? FairyWitch is another user here that I have come to know, and she is another amazing artist and runs Flower Paradise Graphics here. She makes all of my buttons for my clubs, and she does a brilliant job on them, I especially love the work she put into my Bug Club buttons.

    Colt is another person I have gotten to know fairly well on here, and is the co owner of my Dark Club, but he has been on a hiatus for a while. Swampert is my wife, shhhh don't tell Marco. BAP is another cool guy I have gotten to know, and he co owns my Bug Club and is also a member in my guild and is one hell of a competitive battler. Lucina is another good friend of mine, and I enjoy our talks about music and such ^_^

    Here is the link to FairyWitch's shop, Flower Paradise Graphics: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?583852-Flower-Paradise-Graphics

    And here is the link to Sworn Metalhead's shop, Daedric Design: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?578825-D%E6dric-Design-%26%2310016%3B

    Also, in case you wanted to see all of the banners Sworn Metalhead has made me in the past, here they are:

    If you wanna play Pokemon X and Y with me, or any other games, here is my FC, but be sure to give me yours over PM ^_^

    4957 - 2745 - 3003

    Snowboarding, Listening to Rock, and Wi-Fi Battles


    Ask me stupid stuff
    Credit for the Banner goes to Sworn Metalhead