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  • Hai, so, team names/colours/goals/etc?

    I was thinking...oh, light colours, pale and, like, um, it's hard to explain. -_-;

    I have been brainstroming a list of ideas - what say you?
    Lol. Well, um... the RPG's pretty much dead now, since only two/three people are still posting. We've already entered New Moon Island, my character was hypnotized, and the other two are locked up. That, and our Pokemon are running around randomly.

    Just a question, but by 'them', you mean Ho-oh and the legends at the beginning, right?
    Hiya! It's been a while since you last posted in the RPG. Gyan can't fight evil by himself, you know.

    Anyways... I'm taking everyone to NMI in this next post. Just a question, but... uh, what are we supposed to do once we get there? And, just another question, but does Mewtwo have any real reason for taking over the world, you know, other than just the sake of doing it.

    And... that's about it. Happy Thanksgiving!
    So what are we suposed to do once we get to new moon island? and some new people posted on the sign up thread, if you're going to blow them off or accept them better do that before they get annoying.
    Umm... You haven't been on The RPG for like forever. Everyone still playing has caught their legendary, were just waiting for you to cautch yours and give us the signal to go to New Moon Island...
    Were currently at Canalave waiting for the boats to come, its night time and I'm in a battle with Darkness while Zelby and Pokefan are at the Canalave library talking to Lucian.

    forgive my spelling...
    Hey I'm sorry about taking so long to finish my Sign up. Will you still let me in? I finished it and it's waiting for your critisim in the Sign up thread.
    rofl again the RPG IS CALLING TO YOU BECKONING YOU TO OPEN THE DOORS AND SEE... that ur gonna have to read it!!!!!!! MWHAHAHAHA!
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