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  • Yeah, it''s part of a regional collective now, but this particular first project is indeed a giant, vast, icy, region.
    Well, after about a million 'yes/no/yes/no' arguments with myself, I've finally settled on a project, locale and started work, and have a fakemon list underway. :) this only happening recently thanks to uni and the like, but it's all firing away.
    Haha, that's fine here yo! I haven't been on since July until that post. Not a great deal is up at the moment, just uni and the like, and getting back into gaming in my free time again. You?
    Amazing idea ^^
    I will certainly use it ,possibly next week.
    If you have more ideas, feel free to let me know :)
    Ouch, yeah, that really would suck... I get it, though- that Gyarados I lost, I hooked with an Old Rod on the S.S. Anne (on the little walkway leading to the ship- it's the only way I would've been able to get a Pokémon out of that area) as a level 5 Magikarp. Took a lot of effort to train it up without letting it faint even once. But yeah, if that file I played in LeafGreen had been a Nuzlocke, I'd have lost my Butterfree a long time ago- fainted quite a bit. Still, my patience paid off in the end- that Butterfree took out half the Champion's team, including Blastoise, while forcing him to waste his Full Restores in the process! OK, granted, I got lucky with a couple of Silver Wind stat boosts, but still, taking out half of the Champion's team with a level 50 Butterfree, that's gotta count for something!

    True. Still, something as powerful as STAB Hyper Fang as early as it gets it, that's nothing to sneeze at. I speak from experience.

    Oh, yeah, and on a semi-related note... just how many Full Heals did Gym Leaders have access to in R/B/Y? Because I was playing Red recently, and Charmander's Ember managed to burn Geodude three times in a row. I say three times in a row because each and every time, Brock would immediately use a Full Heal. As in, in place of Geodude attacking. As if he had known at the beginning of the turn that Geodude would be burned. I mean, I won, but still, that was just cheap.
    Awesome. :)

    Oh, man... That would just be total destruction.

    Aw, that sucks, sorry about your Raticate. I've used Raticate in FR/LG before (never in a Nuzlocke, though), and it's done pretty well. Butterfree, too.
    Oh, good lord, Boomburst. It's like a Normal-type Overheat with no drawbacks. (actually, better than Overheat w/no drawbacks, considering Overheat and all variants have been nerfed to 130 base power). It might even make Chatot slightly usable to a degree.

    And yeah, good call on not taking any chances. I got a little careless in my Ruby Nuzlocke against some random Aroma Lady- lost a Zigzagoon that way. And more recently, in a FireRed Nuzlocke, I managed to catch Snorlax, but at the cost of my Gyarados.
    That sounds pretty awesome! Honestly, it'd be pretty cool for any game to have every battle as an Inverse Battle. I wish that was an option for online. Not surprised at all the Normal-types you got, either- in an Inverse Battle, nothing resists Normal! That's some insane luck, though, getting a Clefable from Mt. Moon in a Nuzlocke. Reminds me of my short-lived Ruby Nuzlocke, where I managed to get a Shroomish from Petalburg Woods. Never died, either- it lived on until I grew bored with the Nuzlocke and just didn't continue it.
    I hear that- after Striaton Gym, Pansage wasn't doing too much for the team. But I stuck with him, evolved him once he learned Seed Bomb, and WOW, what a difference!

    Friend Safari. I was looking in one with Helioptile, Manectric, and Emolga. I prefer to do it there because 1; a Timid nature works for any of those, and I had a Timid Synchronize Ralts in front, and 2; I keep hearing rumors that the Friend Safari gives you better odds of finding a Shiny.

    That is a pretty cool Vivillon form. My game gives me Polar Pattern Vivillon, which I'm personally happy with.
    I know, right? I've been having some incredible luck with Shinies lately! The Aromatisse and Golduck were complete accidents, too- I was hatching the remaining Eggs after breeding a good Spritzee, and the last Egg hatched into a Shiny! And the Golduck- I was EV training that Shiny Spritzee when a Psyduck horde shows up, and the one right in the middle was Shiny! I wasn't actually going for the Manectric- I was hoping for a Shiny Helioptile, but I had no objections to this whatsoever! The Qwilfish, on the other hand, you're absolutely right, I've wanted one for a while, and that was exactly what I had been after.

    Sounds like a pretty nice team. I recall my Simisage in Black being amazing, so I'm guessing you've been doing pretty good with that one?

    And thanks for the heads up! Thankfully, Weezing was still available.
    I've been trying for a Shiny Qwilfish lately, but with zero luck. Congrats on the Corsola!

    Yeah, I hear that. I've had that happen to me many times, mainly in Generation IV games (though there was that Furfrou chain, too). You know those Shiny Hitmons in my banner? I may have gotten all three in one chain, but it took me months of trying to get them. I had also chained Slowpoke and Weezing many times with no results.
    Figured something out- took the Dragalge mini sprite from Serebii and recolored it. You may notice it appears twice in my banner. And that would be due to the Shiny Dragalge I hooked this morning. :) I am on a roll!
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