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  • Yeah, they probably altered the mechanics somewhat. Though I've been doing well enough without it- since that Skrelp I caught, I've also gotten a Shiny Hoppip and a Shiny Gulpin, both from hordes! I'm going to update my banner, just as soon as I figure out what the heck I'm going to do to represent my Shiny Dragalge.

    Yeah, the champ wasn't that hard. Except Mega Gardevoir, anyway, that took out several of my Pokémon.
    Heard of it, tried it out, caught a Shiny Skrelp! :D

    I have had far less success with the Poké Radar, however. Had a pretty decent Furfrou chain going, and then a Pancham broke it. Ironically, Pancham was what I originally intended to chain, only I decided to go for Furfrou instead once I had found one.
    I'm at Victory Road right now. My team is Meowstic (female), Pyroar (female; I know I said I wanted a male, but I couldn't find any male Litleo), Dragalge, Heliolisk, Farfetch'd, and Chesnaught. They're all level 70 except for Meowstic (69) and Chesnaught (71).
    That would be pretty sweet, yeah. :)

    Yeah, I actually don't have much need for the Ability Capsule, most of my Pokémon have their ideal Ability... hang on, this could work for some of my Shinies! I could change my Shiny Arbok's Shed Skin to Intimidate! And both my Shiny Persian would likely benefit much more from Technician than from Limber! They both even know Swift! And one of my Shiny Machamp has Guts (it's been a Machamp since before No Guard was a thing), but I figure it'd benefit even more from No Guard. And my Shiny Lapras... Water Absorb would certainly serve her better than Shell Armor... Adaptability would be way better than Rock Head on my Shiny Blue-Striped Basculin... Ooh, and the only problem I ever had with my Shiny Reuniclus was that it has Overcoat instead of Magic Guard! And my Shiny Galvantula could finally have Compound Eyes! And my Shiny Braviary could have Sheer Force! OK, yeah, I think I'm gonna like this new item! :D

    The Weakness Policy- that's the item that sharply increases Attack and Special Attack when the Pokémon takes a super effective hit, right? Yeah, I can imagine a few things that'd appreciate that. Not Mewtwo, though, actually, I got a feeling it'll be a little busy with Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y.

    I KNOW. A little less than 14 hours until it's out on the eShop! The wait is killing me!!!
    The wait is driving me crazy! And I'll be able to download it in 15 1/2 hours!! Less than a day! LESS THAN A DAY!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA

    I like Mega Banette. Mega Pinsir, too. I wonder what their stats are like. And Mega Pinsir's Ability sounds pretty cool, too, I must remember to teach my Pinsir a decent Normal move.
    *shrugs* I dunno. If there's a legendary trio in the game other than the XYZ trio, it's very well hidden.

    That sounds pretty cool, actually.

    Honestly, I got no clue how Flying Press works. I might try it for myself when I get a Hawlucha.

    Thanks. :) Evolved him into Liepard today. I also started EV training an Eevee I intend to evolve into Sylveon. I will also likely be finding out Sylveon's Hidden Ability in the process, as the Eevee has Anticipation.

    Wow. So, basically, when it dies, it kills everything else so it can come back to life. Dark, yet fitting for something like Yveltal.
    Nope, looks like it's just Noibat > Noivern.


    I'm fearing that slot's for Torkoal, personally. But I do like the idea of new evolutions/pre-evolutions appearing postgame. Looks like it'd have to come after Zygarde in the National Dex, though... Then again, wouldn't be the first time they've done something screwy with legendaries in National Dex order. Just look at Victini.

    I know, right?! I was hoping for a few more Poison-types than that. There was a fake Pokédex screenshot of a Poison/Dark-type called Bubblix going around. I wish that wasn't fake, it was cool, looked like a poisonous Slugma.

    Extremely dumb, yeah. It'd make sense for Dodrio to be banned, though.

    And guess who caught a Shiny Purrloin! :D
    Oh, yeah, speaking of Dragalge- YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! :D :D :D Finally, we have a Poison/Dragon-type! I've wanted that type combination since forever!!

    Yeah, I'm gonna need to swap out Noivern, unless I can use the GTS to score a Noibat early on. If I can, I'll breed it so I can have one that'll actually listen to me if I overlevel it. If I end up dropping that line altogether, I might use Farfetch'd, actually. Never used Farfetch'd in-game before. I know its stats kinda really suck, but still. I was considering Hawlucha, but... apparently it can't participate in Sky Battles for some reason. That just strikes me as really, really odd, and I want to be able to do Sky Battles whenever they come up in the storyline. I mean, i know they're optional, yeah, but I still wanna try them.

    What does Goodra being pure Dragon have to do with whether or not it's the pseudo legendary? Just because it's the first one without a secondary type? Well, this is the first time an even-numbered Generation didn't introduce two Eeveelutions or any baby Pokémon. Or a legendary trio that didn't include the version mascots. Or a three-digit number of Pokémon, for that matter.

    Yeah, they only introduced one new Poison-type line- a new low. Still, though, the final evolution of that line being Poison/Dragon, that kinda makes up for it!
    Yeah, and we thought Kingler's claw was huge! I'm actually kinda surprised its Attack stat isn't massive, to be honest- there is no way a Crabhammer from that thing wouldn't hurt like hell.

    I did see Klefki! I like it- I don't see why people think it's uncreative. If you ask me, it takes exceptional creativity to make a decent Pokémon based on an inanimate object. I still have to work out my team for X yet- my team for Y is more or less worked out, though it seems to be looking more and more likely I'll need to replace Noivern with something I can get before the HM for Fly...

    I could definitely see it as Dragon/Poison, though I'm also kinda hoping that Dragalge turns out to be Poison/Dragon.

    Yeah, I'm pretty much set on picking Fennekin in X, just so Barbaracle can be my Water-type. Aside from those two and Slurpuff, however, I don't know what else I'll use on that team.
    Ah, yeah, Goomy's another cool one. I'm hoping for a Dragon/Poison final evolution, personally.

    I couldn't agree more- Hell, I liked Binacle since before knowing about Barbaracle.

    And did you see? Clauncher's evolution's been revealed- Clawitzer. By the way, that huge thing isn't it's head, it's one of its claws. Still pure Water, though I knew it'd have Mega Launcher.
    Really? I like Heliolisk, personally. Diggersby is pretty cool, too. Wasn't expecting the Bunnelby line to be Kalos's Rattata equivalent, though, to be honest. I guess what happened last time with Minccino kinda threw me.

    A week from tomorrow... The wait is killing me!

    Been following the leaks today? I like Pumpkaboo and Phantump a lot.
    I know, right? Slurpuff is fantastic. Little disappointed with Aromatisse, though, given that I was hoping for a Fairy/Poison-type, preferably named Malfume.

    I warmed up to them almost instantly, especially Chesnaught. It is sheer awesomeness. SHEER AWESOMENESS.

    I'm just not a big fan of moves that weaken the user like that, is all.


    By the way, I dunno if you saw, I entered this week's sprite contest. This week, we had to take two Pokémon sprites and swap their colors. I had already done this with Remoraid and Octillery sprites, but I decided to try with another pair for the contest. Wound up swapping the colors of Gastly and Solosis.
    OK, that would explain it kinda, but yes, it's still ridiculous. They handled Larvitar by making it appear in the final area of GSC but also making it appear at insanely lower levels than anything else there. What was stopping them from filling Victory Road with level 25 Deino and having them evolve at level 25 or something? Oh, and Bagon, in R/S/E, already appeared at or above level 30.

    I'm more in favor of Superpower becoming a straight-up Close Combat clone, lowering both defenses instead, so strong and fast Pokémon could still make use of it. Then again, my Contrary Spinda kinda does appreciate the free Attack boost...

    Good question. I guess we'll see once the games are out. Speaking of which, LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!! THE GAMES WILL BE OUT NEXT WEEK!!!!

    I somewhat doubt it- Bulbanews recently reported on a list of updated game mechanics that was leaked, one of which explicitly states that Sky Battles are only for Flying-types and stuff with Levitate. Still, I hope you're right.

    It also mentioned certain moves wouldn't work in Sky Battles, which I assume would include those two.

    Well, I dunno about a Flying-type using Dig, but I've heard enough complaints to know that if something with Levitate uses Dig, it's still immune to Earthquake. I know- makes about as much sense as Gyarados's immunity to Bone Club, am I right?
    Yeah, that's true. I really hope they don't pull any crap like with how late the likes of Pawniard, Deino, Rufflet, Larvesta, and Vullaby evolve again. That was just ridiculous.

    Absol! Knew I forgot something. Yeah, Absol really needs a Fighting move other than Superpower. Oh, and maybe Bisharp, too.

    Hmm. That's true. Then again, it pretty much just seems like Insomnia/Vital Spirit for Swirlix's allies. Not everyone's into Double/Triple battles. I myself personally prefer Single and Rotation battles.

    I haven't forgotten, especially in regards to Sky Battles, given that my favorite Pokémon is eligible for them. It's sad, though, that only stuff with Levitate or the Flying type are allowed, when there's so many others that are clearly qualified for battles that take place in the sky- Beedrill, Volcarona, Metang, Dustox, Klinklang, and so forth. Besides which, Gyarados can't even fly, and I would just love to see how Doduo and Dodrio look in Sky Battles. Interestingly, though, Duskull will be the only member of its line eligible for Sky Battles... And it already has semi-usable defenses... With an Eviolite, I could imagine it being somewhat useful in Sky Battles.
    Not a bad point. I'll try and speed it up later on, then.

    That is pretty cool, yeah. Though honestly, the fact that Sacred Sword is now no longer exclusive to the legendary goats does give me hope for other Pokémon getting it, like Farfetch'd and Samurott.

    Really? I think it goes fast enough...

    I like it, too. It did seem a bit underwhelming of a reveal for all the hype it was getting, but still, it's pretty cool.

    I've seen them, yeah, and Tyrantrum is awesome! I might use one on my team in X. Maybe. Haven't decided yet. I say X and not Y, because I've already worked out my entire team for Y.

    Talonflame, I like it, but I'm not sure if I'll use one in X. Noivern, of course, will be my Flying-type in Y, though.

    Oh, and I made an animated sprite of the glitch Pokémon .4;
    My guess is that was just a random glitch. No game is supposed to stop upon the time maxing out. Believe me, otherwise my Pearl and Black Versions would've stopped on me long, long ago.
    Thanks! And yeah, I was torn between Sludgeon, Spectreon, or Eeveeon. Your idea sounds pretty cool, though. I kept seeing a lot of people commenting on how the shading for Mr. Game & Watch was off, though... I always did have a little bit of difficulty when it came to shading.
    I pick a Pokemon, look at its Bulbapedia page, then come up with vague descriptions based on the stuff I see and things I already know about the Pokemon. :p
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