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  • Thanks! I'm especially proud of how I did on the mane. The whole thing was mainly a Luxray sprite, though I had to throw in a Flareon's collar to do the lower half of the mane.

    I'm actually kinda like that myself- Pokémon accounts for just about every video game I play. Did you see my entry, though? I took Blue's B2/W2 sprite and made it into Mr. Game & Watch.
    I actually kept my Klang unevolved until level 52 so it would get Shift Gear faster. It was a good decision, too, really helped to power up Gear Grind.

    I don't need any additional reasons to like Quilladin, I already liked it from the moment I first saw it.

    Oh, and I decided who my Fire-type would be in Y:
    I see your point, I'll see what I can do about the legs.

    I don't actually intend to plan out my entire team beforehand, it just kinda happens anyway. Happened with Black Version- Decided on Tepig the instant we found out about it, took an instant liking to Klink, Woobat, and Basculin, decided on Zoroark once I realized I could get it pre-E4, and as soon as I saw that first glimpse at Simisage, I decided Pansage was going right on my team. Wound up with a team of Emboar, Klinklang, Swoobat, Red-Striped Basculin, Zoroark, and Simisage. Did not regret it one bit.
    Not only did I see the English names, I even made a sprite of the female Meowstic earlier. And isn't Amaura's fossil called the Sail Fossil?

    I've more or less decided my team, too. Quilladin, Helioptile, Skrelp, Noivern, and Meowstic (female). As for the sixth, I can't decide between Pyroar (male) or Charmeleon.
    Heh, yep. Also had to borrow from my Chespin sprite- mainly for colors and for the tail.

    I think the Pignite hate was about that to begin with, but then it started leaning more towards the fact that it was Fire/Fighting. That's something else I never got- I liked Pignite and Emboar's designs. Hell, when I first saw the Unova starters, I decided on Tepig within seconds, and the evolutions did nothing to change my mind. Same deal here with Chespin.

    Hmm... Do we know whether Espurr (because let's face it, it's gotta be either that or Meowstick)'s two genders share a Pokédex number? Maybe they're gonna pull a Nidoran kind of situation on us again. It does seem a little out there, but you never know, am I right?

    The fossils are pretty cool. I like that the T-Rex is getting a biting version of Iron Fist- I came up with an idea for that kind of Ability long ago, called it Overbite. In fact, I'm gonna call that as my prediction for Huge Jaw's English name. In fact, here's my predictions for the English names of the new Pokémon (minus what is clearly either Espurr or Meowstick, obviously);

    Chespin evo; Chespear
    Fennekin evo; Psyfox
    Froakie evo; Froaqua
    Rock/Ice fossil; Frostold
    T-Rex; Dentyran
    Poodle; ...I got nothing for this one.
    People ARE hating on Chespin's evolution, I can't believe it. If anything, it's made me want Chespin even more! I highly doubt Fennekin will be Fire/Fighting, though. It can learn Psybeam, Psychic, and Psyshock. Does not seem like a Fighting-type's movepool to me. Besides, the Pokebeach leaks say it'll be Fire/Psychic, and they've been right about just about everything else thus far.

    Yeah, that cat is more than likely either Espurr or Meowstick. Pretty drastic gender differences, though, especially considering the movepools are different based on gender! Haven't had gender differences this drastic since Nidoran.

    I know, right? This next month is gonna be the longest year of my life.

    I'm probably gonna make another couple of sprites of Generation VI stuff, by the way. I'm considering tackling Fennekin's evolution next, though I keep putting off Dedenne. What do you think of the Chespin evolution sprite I made?
    Yeah, I hear that. Just as I'm really starting to get back into writing 404 Error 2, I got classes starting tomorrow.

    That'd be cool.

    Heh, yeah, I guess I do. Well, the smog clouds do make for good clouds of any kind when I need them.

    Personally, I'm more hoping this might finally mean Gunk Shot Weezing.

    You know what I think would be cool? Mega Mantine, where the Remoraid attached to its wing temporarily evolves into Octillery and fights alongside the Mantine. Of course, they'd need to reintroduce the Remoraid on Mantine's wing in the first place, haven't seen it since Generation III...

    I'll have to read that later.
    You are not the only one, by any means. Dragon Rush would be amazing on Druddigon! Hopefully it'll get that move in X and Y- already, Lapras is confirmed to get Scald, and Gabite gets Rollout, neither of which could learn those moves previously.

    Thanks! Your Rotom entry came out pretty good, too. It actually strikes me more like a Shadow Cut Rotom, rather than a Cut Rotom that's also a Dark-type, but that's just me. Still, it came out pretty good. As for mine, I was actually originally going to have the flames coming out of the top of its head, like on an Infernape, though I prefer what I've done with it instead. And all I needed (aside from the Murkrow sprite, obviously) were sprites from Koffing, Moltres, and Shiny Heatmor.
    Yes, and no. Yes if you designed it/have permission to use it and it is not involved in any illegally made games. No, if it breaks any of the rules I just said. :) Feel free to request and I'll tell you whether or not I'll use it.
    Needle Arm! I didn't even think of that, though I've always thought Druddigon should get that- I mean, its arms are covered in spikes, so yeah.

    Spriting contest? *looks* Ooh, yeah, this should be fun! Now I just gotta think about what I'll make for my entry... EDIT: entered a Dark/Flying/Fire Murkrow.
    Thanks! :)

    I could see that happening, Fighting/Flying, and I definitely agree that Farfetch'd does need some sort of decent Fighting move. Sacred Sword seems a bit too legendary-exclusive for Farfetch'd, though I'm definitely in favor of a less exclusive version of that move, like Psyshock is to Psystrike, you know?

    Oh, I know Heatmor doesn't really get much from Flame Charge, but still, it's just odd that it's the only Fire-type in the game that can't learn it (other than Rotom). Just doesn't make sense to me, y'know?

    Good point about Liepard, though. Oh, and just realized- did a lot of Pokémon get screwed over by the Drill Run tutor or what?! No Escavalier? No Dodrio? No Swellow?
    I agree, lots of Pokémon should learn moves they don't already get.

    Gible; Bite. Honestly, with a mouth like that, how is that not the first thing it gets by level up?
    Yanmega; Fly. Look at its HG/SS dex entry and tell me with a straight face that it shouldn't learn Fly.
    Heatmor; Flame Charge. Makes zero sense for it not to learn the move when EVERY OTHER FIRE-TYPE GETS IT!
    Weezing; Gunk Shot. Never understood why it can't learn this.
    Any Poison-type that gets Sludge Bomb; Sludge Wave. Should not need to explain this one.

    Yeah, Farfetch'd is kinda bad. I've always pictured a Grass/Flying Farfetch'd evolution where the leek kinda fused with its body, though I've never really made a sprite for it. I might have to get started on that sometime soon.

    Oh, by the way, just made this this morning;
    You know what else- there was actually a glitch with Rage. If a Pokémon was locked into Rage, and it missed for whatever reason, the accuracy plummeted to, like, less than 1% or something. I actually made use of this glitch to make money in Yellow version- I'd run into an Onix in Victory Road and send out Butterfree. Butterfree would use Sleep Powder, then spam Harden until Onix woke up and used Rage. Then Butterfree would spam Flash until Onix's Rage missed. Then I'd switch to Pikachu and spam Pay Day until Onix fainted or Pay Day ran out of PP, whichever happened first. Surprisingly, it was usually Onix fainting first, though Pay Day would never have much PP left.

    I like those ideas. What you're suggesting for Kecleon basically sounds like what Judgment is for Arceus. I actually did come up with a pair of signature moves for the Eevee line that worked that way (one physical, one special). Primarily to help Flareon's movepool, but it could work for most of them.

    Yeah... Still, at least they're OK for in-game use, right? My original Ruby version team included a Castform, which I still have to this day- the whole team is still with me in Black 2, with the exception of Pelipper... Anyway, they're all over 10 years old by now- this is the team I had on the save file I started up when I first got Ruby, the day R/S came out in America. Aside from Pelipper and Castform, there's Swampert, Shiftry, Linoone, and Wynaut.

    Oh dear lord, Excadrill with a flinch-inducing Drill Run. Yeah, that'd be the stuff of nightmares right there.

    Not bad! Not bad at all. :)
    Actually, Low Kick used to have a fixed base power and was able to make the target flinch. Tri Attack didn't used to have side effects. And Roar and Whirlwind originally had no effect in trainer battles. Oh, and Rage? It worked the same way it works now, except for the minor detail that in Generation I, once you used the move, you were locked into using it until the user fainted or the battle was ended. No changing attacks, no switching out (unless you KO'd an in-game trainer's Pokémon and you were given the option to switch before the next one came out), no running, no using items, nothing.

    That is a good point, though- Normal/Ground would totally fit Dunsparce.
    HP, yes, though there's not much that outspeeds him once he gets off a Glare anyway. I could see Dunsparce with the elemental fangs (though I really wish they'd boost their power a little bit). Maybe if they altered Drill Run to give a flinch chance? That'd be cool.
    That's likely for marketing purposes- advertise the Mega Pokémon they know will appeal to a large percentage of fans- the ones that Mega Evolve from the really badass and widely loved stuff, you know? Besides, they also showed off Mega Ampharos and Mega Mawile, didn't they?

    I honestly don't think Dunsparce needs much in the way of stat boosts, though. It does what it does well enough as it is. If anything, all it really needs is a slightly wider variety of flinch-inducing moves to choose from- ideally, ones that would work well against Steel-types. I mean, Headbutt, Rock Slide, Zen Headbutt, Bite, they're not gonna do much to Steel-types, you know? And Earthquake and Drill Run don't cause flinching.
    Well, I've always been one to go for the less appreciated Pokémon. I think it's a part of why Dunsparce and Qwilfish are two of my favorites.
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