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  • hi zabi i am new here i want to make a new shiny club! i have read your stories in shinyfufu's shiny club but i was only able to join today. Are you willing to be a co-owner?
    rise and shine!
    ok, seriously, what happened between you and I? i thought we had a good "friendship" going on in the forum, and then i find out from Storm that i was banned for "Sexual Harassment" on her, CA, LSA (which i told her that i was sorry for) and..........someone else, i think. I would NEVER do something like that............. ah, whatever, i figured by now you guys deleted all my posts and i figured id never get back on the forum anyway
    Hey, I'd like to appologize for some of the things I said during last night's fight. So, sorry. Also, congratulations on two great shinies!
    Actually I was on a dock and I was talking to this girl I'm close friends with from our condo complex in Maine. She doesn't live far from my normal house either
    It's really fun once you get the hang of it. It feels great to land the big one, like a 19 incher I caught 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, there are also weekends like this past one where you catch literally nothing for 2 full days.
    Hey, congrats on Dratini! I have a bad habit of spamming people's profiles with congratulation messages ^_^
    You're goin' through what I'm going through right now; enjoying other video games. It's normal, man. I've barely touched my Pokemon games at all since I started on other games, and you'll probably wind up the same way, and eventually come back to hunting when you feel ready. >w<

    So happy that you're playing FFVII. I hope you're having fun with it!
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