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  • sorry i'm on a little bit late- first day of school drained me and being a senior i've got no energy anyway.

    i've done very little competitive since coming back a month or two ago, so we're about on equal standing, haha.
    hey- we're paired up for the randbats tourny, so i figured i'd let you know that i'm gonna be without internet access from tuesday-thursday. friday night would probably work best for me, so let me know if that's a good time to plan on. thanks!
    Thats what I heard? Havent heard much about it since though so maybe not. Would be cool though since the new mon announcement.
    It's ok, Zach. Just feelin inquisitive about you for a bit. Life's been gettin bigger and bigger for a lot of us lately, but it's good to know you're still hangin on.
    Not sure when the new game things comin out but I hear it should be leaked any moment! Plus there's a direct soon.
    I'm done arguing.
    *In Weird Al Yankovic's voice*- Well you're no fun.

    No, actually, that might be a wise maneuver. Heck, I posted a video where a tournament player explained what was important to win a tournament.

    I even mentioned that I hated tier lists in the past until I understood them and realized that they don't affect my fun.
    So, I think it's safe to say the Smash fanbase serves as the unofficial media coverage of Smash as a fictional sport, with fanfics and such, what do you think?
    Link in my Smash fanfiction world is very egotistical. He considers any sword-wielder outside his series to be a rival, and thus he says he is better than these other sword wielders. Marth has on occasion tried to win Zelda's affections, only to draw the wrath of Link as a result, so Marth is his biggest rival. Second-biggest would have to be Meta Knight, which derives from their vastly different statures and tier positions from the Brawl era.
    I don't have Gible on my dex, but I have Gabite, so you can evolve it; I have EV reset bags.
    I put a female level 1 Slowpoke for Gabite. "ANAKBAE" is on the description. Really sorry about the inconvenience :[
    And as if on cue, "I don't see the Wii U passing any more sales milestones." It's like a script.
    Dream bigger. With enough faith, it may even one day outsell the PC!

    ...Seriously, though, I stopped carrying about the Wii U's sales a long time ago. Nintendo isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and so long as they keep making good games, I'm satisfied. Whether or not the Wii U does well or not is Nintendo's problem, not mine. If anything, poor sales will just encourage them to try to make the NX even better.
    This is entirely too rational. Tell me about how the Wii U hasn't outsold the PS2 while trying to sound smug but only sounding incredibly dimwitted.
    It's cool. It's my mistake as well; should've specified my availability.
    I'll be available almost all day tomorrow (-8 GMT, mostly afternoons). I'll check often to see if you're online.
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