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  • Thank you again for your kind words! I indeed like to be very articulate and precise with my wording, and analytic in my approach to topics. Don't expect any fan fiction out of me, though, because I am horrible with writing fictional characters. In some cases, I can hardly even gauge what constitutes "good" or "bad" acting in movies unless it's absolutely horrid.
    Well at least it isn't that bad. I hear that some people have it so bad that they have to live off glucose and vitamin supplements. Anyway, be more careful next time man. Take care!
    Hey, so I saw that you ended up in the hospital with a bad case of food poisoning. I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope you're on the mend now?
    What the hell did you eat man? Damn. That's really serious! Glad you are okay, more or less. That would mean you have trouble eating solids at the moment?
    What the hell? Was it that bad? And the medicines taking that effect on you, I just thought of you acting all dazed and high and typing stuff on the thread xD Just kidding man. Take care of yourself and get well soon! :)
    Ah right. I'll add you. My FC is 4442-1032-6694. Name: Badshah. Ah...hahah. Well you could try playing at least slightly competitive xD And we could trade with each other to help each other complete our Pokedexes. I can help you here and there.

    Aww man. How about Bootcamp then?
    No need. It is available for PC. There are three games in total, but you can play Sands of time first and then Two thrones. You can skip the Warrior Within if you want to. :)
    Oh you have a 3DS? What is your FC? We can trade and battle sometimes :)
    Hahah everyone is new at some point! xD
    Do try the PoP games though. There's a reason why Sands of Time was rated the best game of all time by nVidia.
    My friend, you gotta View Conversation and then reply to it. :p the movie was really good? then you should play the games. They were insanely good xD
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