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  • Ah, I figured. XD I unfortunately don't have it yet, though there are rumors it's coming here next week. I still have to get my hands on a compatible phone though (my current phone's too old) but I do have a lead on that! How have you been doing in it so far?

    I'm doing all right. Past few weeks have been really busy at work since I had a lot of deadlines. Hopefully the next few will be lighter but who knows.
    Hahaha, not too slow or advanced at all! Thank you so much! :D

    XD It's all right, I'm sure the job takes quite a lot of your time, and that's much more important. ;) And that's awesome! Must be really fun to travel around a lot like that. Aww, I hope you kept in touch with them! Maybe they can apply for a full-time position once they graduate?
    XD Happy holidays to you too! Not sure if it's Christmas or New Year there since I don't know how far into the future Australia is... :p

    It's been great! Got to stick around to my job for the whole year, so I feel like I achieved some sort of adult accomplishment. XD Had a great time writing-wise too, what with the Tumblr project and all the fics and stuff. How about you? How's your awesome globe-trotting job treating you?
    XD You don't have to! We're both pretty busy pretending to be adults, though it looks like you're not pretending at all! Great that you have a place to stay in.

    I hope I'm allowed to be fat every day =)) And that's cool! You get to talk to all different kinds of people, which isn't really the most appealing thing in the world but hey, you seem to enjoy it!

    At least you got to experience it, though. I wanna see snow again, though I don't really adjust to cold climates that easily.
    Oh wow, sorry about replying so late. I've been really busy with work and such, so yeah.

    It was. I ate and got fat a lot so it was very awesome. XD How many offices did you visit?

    I hear it isn't as magical as people who live in places without snow think it is, especially if you live in a place with constant snow. If that makes any sense. Haha.
    Hahaha thank you! :D

    I'm pretty sure it was important. How's the around-the-world trip, btw?

    Really? Starbucks is almost in every corner here. I can literally walk to one right now (I'm at home). Ooh, I've only ever encountered snow once! How is it?
    Have those important things come around? My brain is always on overload; or rather, my brain's too small to process all the stuff I need to process. XD

    I'd also get pretty damn excited if I see a squirrel since I've only seen one when I was in America a few years ago. They're so cute! You don't have Taco Bell in Australia? That's weird, since I thought it was a pretty popular food chain globally, but eh. I can't give you any recommendations since I'm in the other side of the world, though.
    Damn, you cherish that feeling because it may not last. But then again, seeing as your job is awesome, you might be an exception. :p

    itwasajoke.jpg Also that's so cool! That means you're in a flight right now. Happy trip!
    Funnily enough, I also started today! It's a lot, err, quieter than I thought it would be, actually. But I'm sure I'll get used to it somehow.

    So you're two hours away from my timezone. Is it Valentines day there already or what.
    Gonna be part of the editorial team of a magazine! Really excited for it since it's much closer to my course and it's a bit closer to home than the previous one. :p Yes, 3D is fun, especially with an S.

    =)) Will you be one hour behind now or one hour later or is there that DST thing which I never understood because we never experience it or sahfiahefioa

    Happy holidays to you too! :D
    I got introduced to it very recently by my friends, and it's such a great game. I'd love to get into the series but it's hard for me to get any titles from the older-gen handheld consoles here. I'm the same way - my new job starts at the first working day of next year so I only have until the end of 2014 to play everything.

    Woohoo, smart Zadros is smart! And let's push away that second part yep

    Ohh, so it was meant for me =)) I could sorta relate coz where I live it's always humid and even if it's December already [when it's supposed to be cold here] it's still pretty damn warm. At least the night wind is really nice.
    Ohh, that's great! I definitely recommend Super Smash Bros for the 3DS. Even if some characters are unfamiliar it's such an addictive game you'll waste so many hours on it. If you like strategy-type games, I also recommend Fire Emblem: Awakening. If it's up your alley then you'll be playing at least ten runs on it.


    Uhh I'm not sure if that last part was meant for me but I hope the weather's improved :p
    I was like that too when I first bought my 3DS XL, but got some recommendations in the midst of the post-game-lacking time that was X, and ended up buying a lot more than I thought I would. XD I got Mario Kart 7 as a bundled game with my XL, maybe we got the same deal? If it is, it's a stupidly fun game and I definitely recommend it. I misread that last game as Ocarina of Time =)) but I'm not familiar with it. What's it about?

    Oooooooooh good luck! I'm sure you'll get all A's or whatever the highest mark of your grading system is there XD
    But if you started with Mudkip you're obviously copying me... so we're pretty much even XD What other games have you bought for the 3DS? All I have are SSB, MK7, Awakening, and A Link Between Worlds. And, well, X and ORAS. =))
    Gonna do the "taking my time" approach with AS (I bought both! First time I did that ever since FR/LG but the FR was for my sis and LG was for me - this is the first time I bought both for my own selfish reasons :p). The Dexnav aspects are so cool - it's such a neat way of incorporating the overworld cries that were such a minor aspect of RSE. I used Mudkip and Trapinch too - stop copying me XD
    HOLY CRAP I was worried about asking you since I remember last time you said you didn't have one, but that's great! How are you doing so far? I finished my play-through of OR last night after a whole day of playing it and doing post-game stuff now.
    It's both intriguing and frustrating, in that you really wanna be as good as them, but you envy their time and dedication and money.

    YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU DID IT!!! Congrats congrats :D You deserve to celebrate and let loose and buy everything.
    XD it's a game that you really only get with a lot of practice. Unlike fighting games where you remember button combos or tactics games when you remember strategies, DDR is all about being comfortable with moving around the panel while hitting those damn arrows. Many people who start out playing DDR move very rigidly, with their bodies always focused on the center of the four arrows, but as the songs become harder, you'll rarely find yourself in the center, so being fluid and quick at your feet will help a lot. Down the line, you'll get to memorizing stepcharts (how those arrows line up), too, and your brain will think of more efficient ways of how to hit those arrows as economically as possible. Since I don't have the time or energy to play DDR anymore [because of my work], I usually just watch videos of Japanese people being DDR gods. =))

    XD don't forget to study, though. Wouldn't want you to miss a diploma for that freaking exam. :p All those little snippets of ideas are what make writing so worth it. Those little bursts of ideas, those highs of pouring all of them into words. :D
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