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  • Especially since they're the excretion of unicorns.

    Aww, that's awesome! It's like trying to teach your classmate something and them getting it, except it's not your classmate but your student and there's a whole other level of satisfaction there I bet.

    I can't do your assignments for you all the time. =p

    It does pay pretty well! (Although for some reason this course doesn't pay for preparation time!?) $43/hr is good.

    Cool stuff in Sydney - well, I'd say some beaches outside of main Sydney are better, and there's a bunch of bushwalks outside of it as well. Sydney itself has some parks and museums as well, and also chinatown/markets by Central station, near Darling Harbor with its aquarium, giant IMAX theater, and so forth.
    Funnily enough there aren't any lessons I have to deal with that involve rainbows afaik, so I can't really use that anyway. =))

    XD I'd like to say it's the former. Yay optimism! And that's still a good job IMO, and woooo for not dying! Always fun to hear people not die.
    :)) a bit of backstory in that previous reply. I was at work and I was getting ready to write additional lessons so I needed to practice. Never mind that those lessons are for Grade 3 and that they're for English. =))

    Ooh, that's so cool! Damn, I'm being surrounded by more and more teachers that are roughly the same age as I am. Is the universe trying to tell me something?
    I think the rainbow has an infinite number of colors since the six gradients between the seven base colors cannot be quantified. I'm pretty sure it will be somehow, but that's still more than seven. =))

    Yeah, but there's a high chance of it getting extended. Funnily enough, when I started I was worrying about whether or not it'll extend. Now, I'm worrying about whether or not I'll accept the extension should they present it to me. XD How is it? Is this part of your curriculum or volunteer-work or something else?
    Well basically, your regular telescope that you can guy from a store and all works in the optical - light we can see with our eyes. Radio telescopes look at radiation on radio wavelengths. They are built differently and you tend to look for spectra lines as well as radiation, but it's the same general idea of pointing it towards the sky and taking data.

    Money is certainly useful. I'm also doing a bit of tutoring during regular semester times too, and every little bit helps.
    Yeah, yeah. =)) If anything this country's the most chill with regards to the seasons of the year since all it has is "sunny" and "rainy". Four seasons? That's too complicated. Hahaha.

    It's okay, but I'm getting more and more tired from all the traveling I'm doing. It was raised up a few days ago, though, of what'll happen when my contract ends on November, and because I spoke with one of my orgmates who's gonna start teaching in our university next month, I brought up teaching, and surprisingly my parents were okay with it. So I have that to look forward to. =))
    Looking for Hydrogen absorption in distant galaxies with a radio telescope. :V

    Money for study = a scholarship for me (standard one offered to Australian PhD students if your grades were good enough). ~ And yeah, Honours can be pretty darn intensive. It was busier than it is now for myself, certainly.
    In the most unbiased I can be for Hoenn: you totally should get one. =)) That could be where you'll spend your first salary! :D
    It is indeed! In my uni we still have coursework, just much less (about a third of the honours year about, and at worst exams become take-home assignments!).

    You're also right on the holidays thing. Well, we can always take some time off, I suppose, and trips to conferences are a neat perk. I get to go to one in sydney next month, and just before that a few day 'winter school' with a bunch of other astro students from around the country.

    Also, I get money for phd work. Money is definitely nice. :V
    I only had three end-of-semester exams a semester last year! But the subjects overall were hard and full of assignments. =(

    I see. Until then, focus on that uni stuff!
    Ah right, you'll be Mr. Google Man by then! XD Can't wait to hear you talk about it! The wait is as long as ORAS, I see. Hahaha.

    I know I'll be spending some of it for ORAS and SSB, but that isn't 'til October and November yet soooo I'm not really sure yet. They're all either in the bank or being spent with my friends. Haha.
    Good luck with those exams! Man, something I do not miss at all, after two sets of them per year for four years, discounting midterms as well. Erugh.

    Ah, an internship, I see. Good luck in getting picked beyond the others, unless I'm misreading and you already interned in which case... good job beating the others!
    Wait, so you're marching in April even though you're about to finish your coursework? What are you gonna do 'til then?

    It's more lax than I thought it would be, which is one of the best things about it. I get to have mini-breaks since there aren't any banned websites. I've thought about moving closer but I don't think I can shoulder the expenses of that just yet.
    That's as good as acing it in my book. XD

    "Ethics and the environment" sounds like a nice topic, though I assume it's a difficult one, too. I had one of those too, but it was on my whiteboard and it was more for my thesis deadline, which is more important than graduation imo =))

    It's going okay. The travel time is a bit tiring because it's so far away, but so far I have no complaints, which is saying a lot for a first job. XD
    About your lazy supervisor or about how you aced that paper? XD

    I'll give you that, yeah. =)) I bet they're equally as frustrating, though.
    I see. Good luck with getting through it! D=

    Yes, I gathered you have a job, haha. How'd you get one already though?
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