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  • Haha. It was toward the end of November. It's gone now. I should be able to get an entry in tomorrow afternoon. :)
    Im confused as to whether the Prep Time and Poll Time coincide with each other or if they are back to back/separated. In America, it is Thanksgiving weekend and I've been away until now. I'm actually at an airport and don't think I'll be able to make an entry until tomorrow night.

    Just so you know. n_n
    Oh, I can play the drum games in the arcades [but I make it so that I don't have to hit the Bass pedal coz while I have hand-eye and foot-eye coordination I don't think I have hand-foot-eye coordination XD]. GH and Rock Band are all really cool, too, though I only play it whenever I'm at a friend's house and they have it. Haha.
    Yep, you and your almost half-a-year breaks. -_-

    Well, I'm overweight. Used to be much more overweight than I am now though.
    Yep. I was planning on finishing it before school started, but even I thought that was insane so I lowered the aim to 25K, which I reached.

    I don't have 'em anymore coz I broke the last two I had coz of me being damn fat
    A bit above 33K. I reached a bit under 30K after seven days, so, uhh, yeah. XD

    Rocking chairs ftw! They're almost as cool as wheeled computer chairs. Almost.
    Yep, helps me get ahead in units so I can take more electives. 8D

    I agree! And I've also started on Chapter 7, so that's a fine month's work if you ask me. ;) I know I wanted 50K, but I really can't let this non-NaNo piece go. x_x
    Ohh, I guess that's where it becomes fair. But then again I'm planning to attend summer school so less breaks for me nonetheless! XD

    Well, I've pretty much shelved NaNo in favor of this non-NaNo-piece I have to finish by December 1. It's undeniably more important, and I'm already happy I got the first six chapters of Wishes written already anyway so I still think it's a win. I might get to sprinting this weekend, but I doubt it.
    Here you go:

    Can you make a banner for me? Size is the same as the current one. I imagine the background to be brighter, though, maybe very subdued yellows to complement Jirachi? This image - in reverse - will be on the left-side, while "Wishes" will be written on the bottom-right corner. Additional effects are your discretion. =)

    [Actually, I found this image, and it pretty much has my idea save for the fact that it's not banner-sized and I don't really like the blue or the flower-things]

    Btw, on my request, if you aren't able to make a new one, you can just use the one I have right now and change the 11/11/11 to "Wishes". The effect can still be the same, though make the font a bit bigger. ;)
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