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  • hey i have a poison safari with Kakuna, Swalot and Whirlipede and im looking for an ice safari with Piloswine. Wanna trade fcs?
    Then my advice is for you to post a fully evolved Pokemon for a starter and wait for a week at most. That's how I ended up getting all the starters.
    Congrats on the job. I recently got a job as a Samsung promoter, I'm real busy too. If I were you, you can type the Pokemon's name on the GTS so you don't have to make the effort of having to find someone on Serebii to trade the starter for you.
    Ecto perfecto. I'll be visiting from time to time and when I catch you online then I'll trade!
    Man, we gotta really get this trading business done. I don't want to hold you back or anything... I have just been very busy lately.
    Do you by any chance still have work on a Saturday?
    Oh yeah it's you! Man, I feel embarrassed right now... the Treecko is all set and now all I need to do is Totodile. For clarification purposes, what is your Friend Code again?
    Hi there, I presume that you are fairly new to this website forum. Welcome. So, I seen that you are a reliable trader... What exactly are you offering?
    hey, sorry for not telling you about the tornadus-thundurus trade yesterday. can you do it in like 30 mins? or not, then in the evening... from 4-6?

    my time is -4 gmt
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