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  • Rise of Beasts is a clan that was started by ImperiumEmperor and Extroph (twins :D) who were originally two of the leaders of the once biggest clan on Serebii, Gilde von Vier. Then their mom was sent to the hospital and they both pretty much went on hiatus. Their once trust ally MooseSmuggler was given control of the clan, but went against V and Ex's wishes and basically closed the clan to start his own, Primus et Ultimus. His clan started first, so he got most of the (unloyal) vulcans. So now we are making a comeback. It first starts with the Vulcan War (which we are currently winning) and now we will gain strength in numbers and CRUSH THEIR TINY CIVILIZATION make freinds with them.

    RoB is a freindly clan devoted to making battlers stronger. We are led in three divisions-Panthera, led by the trusty Pambi. Reptilia, led by the honorable Xack. And Canis, led by our current Animagus, Khybon. We are all close freinds and are pretty laid back, but we also love to battle.

    tl;dr We were the survivors of Serebii's biggest clan after a whole scandal, and we're recruiting. We're generally pretty laid back.

    Haha, look at how desparate and noobish I sound. :D
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