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  • I'm really sorry for this taking for ever. :( If you ever notice I'm online when you're, please PM me, so we could finally trade. ^_^
    Thats fine, I know what its like to have stuff like that. I hope you enjoy yourself. I'm in no major hurry to do the trade. Just let me know I will have the Zangoose to one side for you.
    Hi and sorry that this has taken so long (the trade.) I'm right now having a Christian camp so I'm afraid I can't trade on this week (not sure about the weekend). The camp is everyday from 9Am till 4Pm and then there're some socials; like today is one at 7PM. :(

    I'm really sorry, but I hope we still can trade sometime.
    Hi. It has been a long time. I am great. I would ask to battle you or something but my wifi is broken. How are you?
    Sorry, but I really had to turn off the computer, because my mom can be really mad and she was coming soon.

    Well good that it is ready, I try to wait patiently. ^_^
    I'm afraid I'm going away for a few days, in the early hours of this coming morning. I have the Zangoose ready to trade. I'm staying on for a while, so if you come back on I'll be ready.
    Okay, I'm not sure if I can be on anymore today, because my parents should come soon and they'll get mad if I'm still on computer, because actually, I have been on computer all the time today. :p (It's 19.05 here.)

    So, if I'm not online then we should maybe try tomorrow.
    Ok, I'll try to come up with a nice one for you =D I'm setting off to come home now, I couldn't connect here. I'll trade as soon as I get back. I'll send you a message.
    I had to turn off the DS Lite, because its battery is almost empty, I will put it on to charge and then try to connect again. Oh, and I couldn't send a private message for some reason. Maybe the post started to be too long or something.

    VM= visitor messaging

    I meant a nickname for the Zangoose would be okay.
    Hi! ^_^ I'm on now. We may could try now. I may have to go eat (into kitchen) soon, but it won't take more than ten minutes, I guess.
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