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Last Activity:
Apr 1, 2018
Mar 11, 2011
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May 1
In my head.
Distributing my own brand of tom-foolery.

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Fabio Minccino, from In my head.

Zalbar was last seen:
Apr 1, 2018
    1. Charze
      Could you reply to my Survivor Auto-Elimination PM as soon as you can? Thanks!
    2. The Meddler
      The Meddler
      Hey Zalbar, there is a new PO tournament going on at the xat, would you like to join? There's one spot left for you.
    3. Canada
      Your biography makes you sound boring.
    4. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      LOL yah it's a unova theme. And refreshing is always good.

      LOL you'll find something
    5. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      lol That sucks xD
      You should try next round. It's unova pokemon and there are gonna be 25 people!
    6. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      Yah I'm a tallyist ^____^

      Thanks :D
      You've played a game?
    7. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      Plus the people here aren't really worth talking to much (not you just in general).
      I prefer not crazy now that I'm a ref lol.

      I have won 2 and I'm a ref....and I'm one of the better players xD
    8. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      Not really I have better things to do.

      in what survivor?
    9. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      LOL yah....I pretty much only post in survivor and PRR now :/ Yah they did xD

    10. Zalbar
      Have to say though, the games section seems quieter than I remember it.
      The Pokemon Survivor thread especially.
      Pretty much got told by SC that debating is a no-go if there's more talking than voting.
      Guess they finally got tired of everyone joking around and acting like they were trash-talking each others votes in there, huh? lol
    11. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      You posted on your own page xD

      Yah in april and october ^___^
      YOU HAVE A LAPTOP???? :O
    12. Zalbar
      Yeah, was figuring they must've finally allowed that, but wasn't quite sure.
      Same here basically, but I finally got a working laptop again so back to the internet. lol
    13. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      I know name changes rule! lol

      Nothing much, just trying to survive.....and you?
    14. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      you presume correctly!
    15. Endoplasmic Reticulum
    16. ~Kari~
      I also have Black, so if you could trade me the Ditto for the random Pokemon, I could breed the Ditto with Braviary and send the Rufflet to back you, as well as the Ditto if you want that back too. If you want, I could keep breeding them to get a nature you want or good IV's.
    17. Zhanton
      Oh my gosh I remember you. And looking at our previous vm's, we apparently had a cult or something like what.
    18. ~Kari~
      Sure, I'll take it! :) What do you want in return? I have a lot of Pokemon.
    19. ~Lati~
      Holy crap! We have the same birthday :D
    20. Loreni333
      Well, if we called the normal type 'Super-Normal' or 'SuperNatural' the ghosts would be offended.
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    May 1
    In my head.
    Distributing my own brand of tom-foolery.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I'm boring, I swear!
    Except for when I'm not!

    Teaching myself to use GIMP.


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    2DS Friend Code:
    4656 8517 3097