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  • Hello, since you are interested in the RPG Project Gijinka and PokeLegend has abandoned it, I will be re-doing it under my ownership, would you still be interested? I'm a very active member so their won't be the same issues as there is currently. Let me know!

    Thanks, Zero
    Just wanted to let you know that I'm pretty much done with my sign up (just have to do add a few touch ups and do the RP sample), but I might not be able to post until Friday. If I can do it at any earlier point, I will.
    Let me address this in order as best I could.

    Not having a plot concerns you? Good, then you shouldn't be concerned. It's called having a loose plot. I know what I want to happen, but not when specific. GM controlled RPs almost always fail or don't go too far, in my experience. It leaves little for players to do besides follow what the GM wants and always waiting for the GM to initiate new content. That works in a PVE RP, but when there's multiple factions I can't do that nor do I want to. People want freedom to develop their own characters, not what the GM wants to do. A GM controlled RP just doesn't work and may as well be is called a Fanfic. Allowing players to shape the plot with their actions ensures that nobody feels like just a cog in a machine. That's what makes people lose interest, in my more than ten years of experience.

    Can't help you on the players, since you don't name names

    Bunnying has gotten worked out and most of those posts are null or changed. He's learning. It's a process and I'm a patient person.

    I'm glad that you at least like the premise, but let me assure you that it definitely came together. Maybe not for you as you said, since you couldn't make your mark, but it really couldn't have gone any better.

    I'm not taking it personally. I am just glad you told me your reasons. Thanks for indulging me. I will go ahead and cross you off the list in the first post then when I have a chance.
    Hmm. Would you be able to elaborate on your reasons? I'm trying to understand this, because as of now, all you've done is majorly confused me.

    You did originally, so what changed?

    And what silly interest barriers? Some interests of yours that are conflicting with the story?
    So are you absolutely sure you wanna drop out? Nobody is forcing you. I just wish you'd post a bit more often is all.
    Been really busy? At least tell me, cause if you don't let me know what's up soon, I'll have to rethink who's the second in command for TT. Can't have an inactive second in command, sorry.
    Please tell me you are not dropping out of Teen Titans? We had the rule saying don't sign up if you end up not staying around to make sure people who can't stay around don't sign up. It would be sad to lose you, especially since your character is Star's second in command.
    If you plan on starting your PMD RPG, I'm going to be unavailable. Right now, the west side of Colorado Springs is burning, and while I'm on the eastern side, my thoughts right now are more focused on the disaster. I'll still be in it, but it'll be delayed.
    I'll keep my 2nd character in 3rd person. I'd thought that 1st person sign-ups were rarely ever done, but if you tend to not like them, I'll not create my Kadabra's SU as one.

    EDIT: Yikes! After looking over the sign-ups, I don't see any guild to place my Kadabra. Gold and RRR have a lot of members as his, and Beauty is sitting right on that unlucky number of 4. So, I don't want to continue overcrowding one of two of the guilds, nor do I want to split the Beauty group into a team of 2 and another team of 3. Unless a swap occurs, Ill just stick to one character.
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