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  • Hello there!

    I put my SU up. I know I should asked you this before I put it up, but is it okay that my character is a shiny pokemon? If it isn't I'll change it. Thanks.
    Wait, wait. You have a female character, right? If you don't, I am sorry for the mistake.
    I was wondering, what do you think of the "Dragonii" race being a civilization from the time of your hero's era in Everlast? The Dragonii are supposed to be an extremely old race that predates most history, so I figured Itzli would be the best one for having something to do with a plotpoint involving the extinct Dragonii. Like the Dragonii was a race that existed far to the north near where Noros is now, and that the Dragonii disappeared in the same event that made the world forget who Itzli was and Mecholitachalan, the original Uneous?
    I'm excited for this RP. I've always been a fan of the plots of the Mystery Dungeon games, so obviously I should enjoy this if it plays out like the Mystery Dungeon games. But will there be important characters to the plot besides the Guildmasters, some legendaries, and possibly the mayor of Piple Town? And what do you think of deaths? I'm going to assume it isn't possible on a mission, and that if you're "defeated", you'd just faint. But would there be potential parts of the plot where characters might die?
    Hey, I'll fix the rest my SU, shortly. Also, even though you like the SU so far, I personally feel it too short, so in my next and final revision, I'm expanding various parts (definitely history and obviously personality). I'll also post my Kadabra sign-up as well.
    I'd also like to point out that you forgot to mention Keldeo in the legends thing. And don't say he's included in the Musketdeers, you specifically say "three" instead of "four" when talking about them.

    And what do you think of having the Kami Trio as guardians to three regions as a plot point? Thundurus can be the guardian of the Hurricane Isles, where Jet is from, Landorus can be the guardian of the Nothern Desert, where Dr. Letz Shake is from, and Tornadus can be the guardian of a third area, possibly a mountainous region.
    So how are the guilds going to work? Will there be potential points in the RP where members from different guilds team up? For example, maybe members from all three guilds would go to a cave that is a hideout for a thief for different reasons. Gold Guild would go to explore this previously unknown cave and look for loot from the thief, Beauty Guild to retrieve an item stolen by the thief, and the Triple R Guild to catch the thief himself. And will there be points where the Guilds compete against, and possibly fight against each other?
    So, I read through the list of Legendaries you provided, and the craziest thought occurred to me: when you mentioned that Arceus would awaken soon and cast judgement on the world, I couldn't stop my mind from forming various creative scenarios. One of which was that he disguises himself as a common Pokemon and joins up in the Rescue Team business and learns the world that way. I then followed that up with what could possibly be a good disguise and ended up with him transforming into an Arcanine named Arc. Arceus and Arcanine. Just felt like sharing my wild imagination for the sake of entertainment and how boring my day at work was. :D
    Hey Zalck. I know you've had a lot of people ask a bunch of questions already, but I promise this will just take a sec.

    I was curious about the Brains class. When you said they use regular attacks, did you mean moves? If so, does that class have a weaker attack stat?
    Hey. Was wondering about incorporating a Latios in? Only a low-levelled one, maybe an older-brother figure to the young Riolu. I've got an idea based around Aura which could make that work, as the Eon Pokemon and Lucario's family are all to do with aura and emotion. I though it was worth a shot asking, as they are the two I can best RP besides Shinx.
    Hey, I need to ask a question. How are you going to RP abilities? More specifically, how are you going to RP Swift Swim? Will it just have the same effect as in the game? Would your Pokemon be a faster swimmer if they have Swift Swim as an ability? How are you going to implement it?
    Okay, so I'm apparently going to be out of town for one day, so you may want to PM me your 'walking out of Oak's, wandering down road, meeting El' bit first. Tomorrow evening is when I'll have time.
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