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  • Thanks for that, by the way, I was running out of ideas for a post. Yeah, have Gaado come save him. Nothing would make Malack more angry than having his pride shattered. Well, losing his company would, but that kind of just happened.
    Have you tried Mousematrix? My school blocks proxies as well, but the fact that it's an https:// usually nets it a free pass under most filters.

    Oh well. That'll work. I actually wrote a 'leave lab and meet' post, but then Charizard said that we needed to have one post. So I deleted it... without keeping a backup. T.T Eh, I'll get to it.
    Oh thank god, I thought you'd vanished... Pizza? How much crack was on there? Your parents must be... hardcore. Why not claim you need to do homework? Writing would mostly be in Word docs and such, so it's not like anyone would be able to look and see you gaming or anything. It's what I do, a lot of the time.

    Anywho, I'll spare you my rant on Internet freedoms, then spare the rant on the pathetic blocks that schools use. Try https://Mousematrix.com. The https:// is required, since it makes the site read as secure, like a banking site. Type Serebii's URL into the PHProxy box and voila! If that doesn't work, I'll try digging up other simple cracks. Unless your school is one of those top-notch private schools...

    Of course, if we just PM it and get it written up in PMs, I can post it... But spread the FreeNet!
    Our eyes met! You and me, it's time to battle! So, the man wants a Joint Post... so... I guess we can each write our "leave Oak's lab, walk down Route One, eyes meet" bit separately. How do you want to do the battle? I think what might be cool is if we etch out a basic script for the battle via VM first, then post separately, showing the battle from different points of view.

    Okay, he wants exactly one post... (-。-;

    Chatbox RPing? Like, I VM/PM this: "Hey," El said. "Blah battle blah..."

    Then you VM/PM "Hi. Sure blah blah..." Jabe said, resisting the authoritarian autocorrect that was trying to change his name to Jane.

    And when we're done, we stick it together, add some conjoining sentences so it doesn't suck, and voila!

    Yeah... there's my stroke of genius... Took me days to think of that one.
    Haha, I will. Just gonna have to do it a little bit later, other stuff to attend to first.

    But yes, your character will have someone to boss 'im around soon.
    Aaaaaagh, that was tense there for a moment. I'm glad I made it. Good thing I was awake and on Serebii when he dropped the deadline an hour before the actual deadline. I mean, the deadline was in the middle of the night, too. Got in by the skin of my teeth... I knew I should have focused on the RP Sample more... I'm just used to stream-of-consciousness pouring out Personality and History, so the other parts tend not to be as detailed.

    Well we're all here, so let's keep at it and try not to kill this RP off. After all, I need to find a way to ridiculously EV-train a metagame worthy team in Munchkin fashion. Still, with just five (seemingly) deeply invested players and a GM in high command, the only thing that could really kill it is if the GM disappeared like Black Glove.
    *Nine months

    You've been pregnant?!

    All joking aside, 'sup? Looking forward to the RP... Aaah, I want to know who succeeded. You feeling confident in your success with Bulbasaur? I'm not feeling confident. That's just my funny little paranoiac-OCD tendencies though. I'm constantly wanting to go back and add like, an essay's worth of additional information, but I'm restraining myself...
    Hi again. I was checking with people who hadn't posted in Divine yet. Are you still interested in playing? Please get back to me before Monday, or I'll open Meloetta's slot again.
    Hey Zalck... sorry, but I've lost your PM for the one-shot you wrote for Pokedex One-shots. I think it's because I had to do a lot of PMs for Divine and I try to keep my inbox uncluttered.

    Sorry again, and could you send it back?
    I am bewildered by the Kuno worship.

    And yet struck with an extraordinary desire to join his club.

    Ah, so that's who the Mozz is. And Lonely Cubone.

    I'm scared ;;

    So I figure Serebii is for RP-ing, and UPN is for PASBL. Yes.
    Wait, so I can have 3 here, and 1 on UPN. (Legally).

    Meh, when you finish any of them, I want a rematch.... :)

    Most people have similar/same usernames, so I recognize a lot of them. Others, not so much.

    Did Char seriously get banned? No way, right?
    Whoop-de-do, I've joined UPN. Lol, the Open Challenges page and stuff is much faster. Lots more people posting.

    Is it 3 battles total, or can I have 3 battles on UPN too?
    I would change them too, but I don't really feel right changing a Pokemon's type. Adding a type to a single-type Pokemon is alright, but I don't feel right changing a Pokemon's type to something else.

    You had the loophole listed. Not telepathy, though. Meloetta would be capable of telepathy. I imagine her as starting out kind of depressed due to the lack of her voice; I read somewhere on Bulbapedia that it was because she lost her shoes or something.

    I had hoped for all the Unova Chosen to be signed up before posting. So I'd like someone to take Landorus. And I got the PM about your story, so I'll be reading it through today.
    I'm too clumsy for a back mounted cannon. I'd blow my own head off on accident. *Remember to duck before firing*. Arm mounted cannons are much safer.

    Um, I just made a random acronym. How about Normal Illogical Irreplaceable Hegemonic Yugoslavian Lamp files?

    They make your computer explode by running the fans and processors and stuff really fast, making it catch on fire. Depending on how you code it, the fire will be cold/warm/hot, and will be different colors. In case you need a quick fire! NIIHYL files!

    .zalck files. Zippy Animated Legendary Chinese Kite files.
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