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  • Meh, I get an arm mounted cannon. Of course I'm excited!!! Meh, I demanded one because Deoxys gets a laser whip. (Well sorta).

    Thanks for the emo corner! I'll use it well!

    Seriously? There's a group. That named the files after themselves. Wow.

    Expect .niihyl files in the future. Named Interesting Isometric Heliotrope Yellow Ladies files. Um, yeah.
    Thanks for the advice! It's good to know that there are helpful people like you here. Thanks for comments on the Fakemon regions, too. I didn't make Solrock and Lunatone Cosmic type since they already have two types, but I hadn't even looked over the 5th Gen Pokemon yet in terms of which to give new types to. So, from now on (in my Fakemon regions), Boldore and Gigalith will be part Gem and Elgyem and Beheeyem will be part Cosmic.
    You have an emo corner? Wow. I want one.
    Lol, I have never seen .jpeg files. Then againt, I prefer .png or .tiff. .gif for animations.
    BanRPG. (Rocket Powered Grenade, not Role Playing Game...)

    Hmm, I like writing crazy people. I just like cold, manipulative people more.

    Wouldn't it be randompicture.jpg?

    That picture was totally NSFW. I'm ashamed of you. Bad Zalck.
    OMGzorz! The Pawniard happens to be steel type! Super-Effective smack-down! Because Tora's gone back to psycho-girl. *Sigh* I like writing her logic-mind better.

    Oh noes, it's the random l33t n00b! GAAH
    Not necessarily. I can think of a good loophole for that, but I'll see if you think of it.

    I have Latias' chosen already written up, but I'm waiting for Latios' chosen to be accepted. That character won't be of much use otherwise.
    Haha... Everyone's trying to manipulate everyone. This'll be fun. Time for the chess analogies to begin!

    I've begun with a aggressive Knight move from the blue, to keep the others off balance.

    It seems to have worked, with Gabe replying with an inane pawn move. He quickly regains his composure, and begins to plot his next move.

    What will happen next?

    Are we infusing soon? I want my 3rd personality, STAT! Mm, Magnezone nuggets. 0.o
    What, rather ecstatic? =P COUGHDR.FCOUGHCOUGH XD

    Thanks, I really appreciate it! I was gonna give up my reservation since I didn't think I'd have the time, but if others really do like RPing with me that much, then I'll be sure to join! Just posting in Team Pride, then I'll get started~
    According to Uncyclopedia (the most trustworthy site ever), it's been outlawed in every state, except Texas. Michael Jackson??

    Musical Mayhem has been invited to the Make Kuro Wear a Skirt coalition.

    That makes us sound really... Bleh.
    Alright. Don't refer to it, except to call it 'it'. If only I could use Chiller font...

    The sea claims all in the end... The all devouring... Heeheehee

    I hope it doesn't censor my he.e he.e...

    Haha, I known right?? Way too much fun.
    Sounds like a bad Omake...

    Um, no, I don't think any religion encourages cross-dressing. Kuro's just weird.

    I need to get all te other players in on it. Heh (it censors he.e), Tora's not sadistic yet. After the infusion... Heh... Well. *muderous glare*
    Really? Its always been fine for me. Never had a long load time...

    Yeah, the 'good religious kid' doesn't fit in. And a cross-dresser. I just read his Sign-Up. We are making him wear a skirt at some point. Just for teh lulz.
    My brother likes Flareon and Jolteon. Old school. Which is ironic cuz he wasn't even born then.

    And she (yup, female here haha) will probably beat someone up. Possibly her own tail. :D
    I do <3 me some Eeveelutions. Leafeon's one've my faves, even though it's like newer or whatever. Espeon was my fave before that. And I am totally prepared for this random smacking!
    *Sigh* Serebii's PASBL is so deaddd... I should move to UPN.

    I'm a OCD, fast-paced person. Stuff that takes long patience is agonizing.

    ... You're Gabe aren't you? In Team Pride? I am calling you Geeky Robo-Guy.

    Lol, everyone hates poor lxdarknessxl's character... :)
    Yes, I can't wait for the Pokemon infusion. I plan on having Amelia's tail smack into and/or break everything in her vicinity. :D

    And omgyessss SHUTUP and random times is always funny. :)
    It might be... you never know. The benevolent brawler hasn't quite picked a target... yet. DUN DUN DUUUH.

    I find often the quiet ones crave the most attention.... DUN DUN DUUUH (part 2).
    If not friendships, alliances at the very least. I just can't wait to start some fights. Amelia will probably leave Gabe alone though since he doesn't talk a lot. She likes that more than people who talk way too much... and then she'll beat the chatty ones up haha.
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