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  • haha, I saw it and I was like da-yum, I just got one-upped haha. Dramatic statements aren't really Amelia's style though. This RP is going to be very exciting... especially since everyone hates each other already bahaha.
    If it has so much as a scratch on it, I will hunt you down, and rip out your testicles and feed them to a Magikarp."

    This. This is fabulous. I just had to let you know how absolutely fabulous that is.
    Well, I don't really have a preference, so you can go ahead and grab Electric. Besides, I've always went with fire and electric in things like this, so Ice is cool (pun intended) every once in a while.

    ... So that totally brought Boogeyman from The Nightmare Before Christmas to mind, and the mental images of him in an evil team uniform are pretty epic 8D AND THEY WON'T LEAVE MY HEAD NOW.

    I also have a character in mind, sort of a problematic, perpetual liar kind of guy. And that's... pretty much all I know. Yikes. I'm gonna have to hurry.

    Already edited my post in the SU thread, btw.
    Oh, sorry. I figured that since you didn't reserve, you weren't yet sure if you'd join. 8O

    But, I can change my reservation to ice, too, if that's still open (since the one who reserved it changed to water). I'm perfectly fine with taking a Glalie, or something. 83

    Would that help?
    Lol, you're doing really well. I needed some actual ground so I can pull some Rock-Type moves. Derailment seemed the best way to do that. Your move!
    Good luck to you too. I already PM'd Empoleon. I hope this match doesn't go as slowly as the others I'm in...
    Alright, I've got a post up! ^_^ I wasn't sure what you wanted to do with the teams, so I just had everyone go to some sort of target-practice thing. =P If there's anything wrong with my post, lemme know so I can fix it. ^_^

    Also, it looks like there's some new SUs in the SU thread.
    I don't mean to sound rude, but you may want to post in the PMD thread soon. The activity may start to drop if something doesn't happen soon. D=
    Hey, did you want me to post some plot-forwarding stuff for you? I can post something about Bao or Hiya for you if you want.
    hey, mind if I start with one Gallade? This is because one of my other characters will be a newborn, and she needs to be protected. :p
    Ah, right, thanks for the info, I'll edit to make all posts so far in third person and do that from now on.
    Haha, sure thing, I can be a Co-GM. ^_^ I'm a bit busy myself, though I should be able to get at least one or two posts up every day, so I'll make sure to keep up with the other RPers as well. ^_^
    Hey there. I have a question about PMD the arceus saga. I was just wondering if the teams would be sorted by you choosing or do the players get to choose?
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