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  • Nice, I thought it might have just been a spammer since their sig was 'anyone ready to battle' and they were posting for a battle (although if it was a wifi battle it was the wrong place). It'll be nice to have more new people around, as long as they stay though and don't mind a pounding every so often from the higher levels, lol.
    Lol, I think that profile might just have been a spammer. There aren't many that appear in these sections though, often we get the ones that post links and such in senseless text but with a new member it's often best to check they've got a Squad.
    I only thought about it because I was looking for a match to possibly ref (not looking for anything long or RF) and with a new post in the queue, I investigated. It was the fact that you had to post twice in the open challenges queue that made me look at their history.
    Don't know if you'll have noticed or been told yet, but Benikins doesn't even have a post in the Sqaud submissions area. His only ever post has been in the Open Challenges thread. Just thought I'd put this to you in case someone hadn't pointed it out yet and before someone takes the match.
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