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  • I'm not forgetting, Zam. You sniping at my only sense of humor wasn't amusing in the least. That's why I said "don't go there".
    I just thought you were too much of a prude to use sarcasm.
    ...Zam, you know I'm the most sarcastic person in the club, with the possible exception of Kida. Don't go there.
    Well, I don't watch the anime very much anymore.
    I mostly just read the manga.
    By the way, did you read yesterday's chapter?
    I just tend to like the Japanese voices more.
    Like, for example, Bleach. I HATE the English voices, but I love the Japanese voices.
    Y'know what? It pisses me off to see Blackbeard one of the Yonkou.
    I couldn't stop laughing when Luffy pissed off Big Mam.

    I really don't think the flashback did much. I did kinda like it though. I can't wait to see what Minato has to say to Sasuke(if anything). And what happens if Minato amd Naruto see each other on the battlefield.
    Nah, don't worry about it.
    I'll try to post everyday. I will become one of the yonkou. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
    I've just been trying to join clubs that interest me and are about manga/anime that I like.
    I found the One Piece club.
    The Bleach club.
    But there's no Naruto or Fairy Tail clubs. //sobbu
    I'll do my best. I mean, it'd be a shame to let a club based on such an awesome series die out.
    I wish I still had a life. ._. No I just have the internet.
    Haha, well I love One Piece.
    It's one of my favorite manga.
    And I saw the club was lacking in the activity department so I'd thought I'd join to help liven up the place.
    i might check it out :D

    i noticed that to when i was watching SAO(Sword art online) on there it looked soo good in 1080
    o really? i should check out blue exorcist then. i love sword art online so i might like blue exorcist
    its Sword art online its such a great series. also ive always wanted to watch blue exorcist
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