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Zamin's latest activity

  • Zamin
    This was a cute episode, I wish it was available in English though. Anyway the story was interesting and there were a lot of cute and...
  • Zamin
    Zamin reacted to Daizy's post in the thread Giratina & The Sky Warrior! (11) with Like Like.
    I really liked this movie. I love Ash and all, but it was funny to see him get abused so much in the movie. Shaymin was also a good mix...
  • Zamin
    Zamin replied to the thread Giratina & The Sky Warrior! (11).
    Wow, I've just seen this for the first time and it was absolutely amazing!!! It is one of the top Pokemon movies, along with 4ever and...
  • Zamin
    Zamin replied to the thread The Psyduck Stops Here! (555).
    I enjoyed this episode. The baby Psyduck were adorable. Brock's Mexican dancing was funny and I love that even the Muk got a happy...
  • Zamin
    Zamin reacted to EmberFireTrainer's post in the thread Fighting Fear with Fear (553) with Like Like.
    I enjoyed this episode myself. It's probably one of the more frequent episodes of the Diamond and Pearl Series that I've watched. I'm...