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Recent content by Zamin

  1. Zamin

    Pikachu's Great Ice Adventure (P11)

    This was a cute episode, I wish it was available in English though. Anyway the story was interesting and there were a lot of cute and funny moments.
  2. Zamin

    Giratina & The Sky Warrior! (11)

    Wow, I've just seen this for the first time and it was absolutely amazing!!! It is one of the top Pokemon movies, along with 4ever and Lucario & The Mystery of Mew. The plot was interesting, the story was great, I loved the reverse world. It was awesome seeing both formes of Giratina. Shaymin...
  3. Zamin

    The Psyduck Stops Here! (555)

    I enjoyed this episode. The baby Psyduck were adorable. Brock's Mexican dancing was funny and I love that even the Muk got a happy ending. I also like that thye included the Psyduck block from the game which was cool.
  4. Zamin

    Fighting Fear with Fear (553)

    It was cool seeing Gary back and after seeing this episode I support Gary and Dawn shipping, they seem cute together as she adores his poetry. It was cool to see Gligar evolve, Gligar was a dweeb for most of the episode but Gliscor seems hardcore and cooler so I like him.
  5. Zamin

    Hungry For The Good Life! (552)

    It was nice to see Dawn getting a new Pokemon, Swinub was cute, although I feel like he is going to cause the gang some trouble with his huge appetite.
  6. Zamin

    A Crasher Course in Power (551)

    It was nice to see Team Rocket relaxing for once and not being up to their usual schemes but I did miss them throughout the episode. This gym battle was cool and Ash did so well, it's nice to see him getting a strong win. I'm glad Buizel made up with Pikachu by the end. It was funny when...
  7. Zamin

    Cream of the Croagunk Crop (550)

    This was a really cool episode. I enjoyed seeing all the Croagunk and it was nice to see the characters having a good time. The dancing at the end was awesome. Meowth as a Croagunk waas cool, although I would have liked to have seen his true identity revealed in the episode. All in all a very...
  8. Zamin

    Crossing Paths (541)

    Oh I see, thanks for clearing up. I guess I got confused as they looked so similar.
  9. Zamin

    The Thief That Keeps On Thieving (548)

    I hate that Team Rocket stole Tyler's Yanma, it was just a horrible thing to do. I'm glad that Tyler was eventually able to catch a Tyler but I wish he got the original one. I still feel a bit uneasy about Jessie keeping the Yanmega. It was nice seeing the boss as we rarely see him, apart...
  10. Zamin

    Staging A Heroes Welcome (545)

    Yeah, I totally agree with your view on Jessalina in this episode, that is why the judges weren't impressed with her being the 'star' of her performance. I thought it was cool though. It was cool to see Harley again. I also love that we keep seeing different Pokemon of May's. I'd love to see...
  11. Zamin

    A Full Course Tag Battle! (544)

    I love that Harley got a mention as he is one of my favourite characters and I thought he would be forgotten after the end of the gen 3 saga. It was great having May back and seeing her hang out with the gang again. It was call to see May's Blaziken and her newly evolved Glaceon. I'm looking...
  12. Zamin

    Our Cup Runneth Over! (543)

    Oh my god, I nearly screamed with that reveal at the end with May showing up. It reminded me of the time we got to meet Misty again in the Hoenn episodes. I can't wait for the next episode and more May. This was a cool episode too. I loved seeing Jessalina and her psychotic nature. Wallace...
  13. Zamin

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky (023)

    I love the episode and the PMD games. I liked emotion in the episode and having played the games it was nice to see it as an anime. Also, at times the animation looked like the style of the PMD Switch game so now it makes more sense to me why that style was chosen as it is quite different to...
  14. Zamin

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Time & Darkness Expedition (022)

    It was nice to see another PMD special, although it was strange hearing all the Pokemon speak. I saw the first special and didn't find it as strange then so I'm not sure why I did this time, maybe because some of the the voices were strange for some Pokemon. Wigglytuff definitely sounded too...
  15. Zamin

    Pika and Goliath (542)

    I liked it, Sho was cool. I like the way he spoke. I also enjoyed the throwback to season 1 and sticking to the continuity, it was nice to see it still happening this far on.