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Recent content by Zamin

  1. Zamin

    Jumping Rocket Ship! (571)

    This was a fun episode, I would have loved to have seen Meowth chasing his dreams of being a popular TV presenter though, maybe one day ;)
  2. Zamin

    Aiding the Enemy! (568)

    It was cool to see Turtwig evolve and the episode was interesting as it goes to show evolution can be difficult for a Pokemon when their attributes change. It was cool of Paul's Torterra to help out Ash's Pokemon.
  3. Zamin

    A Trainer and Child Reunion (567)

    Aaron has great charisma and it was cool meeting him in this episode. I felt so bad when he couldn't find his Wurmple but I'm glad they finaly reunited when Beautifly saved the day. Go Bug Pokemon, you are awesome!!! I have done some bug type nuzlockes in the games over the last year or so and...
  4. Zamin

    If The Scarf Fits, Wear It (566)

    Lickilicky is such an awesome episode, it was great to see an episode dedicated to it. Lickilicky's trainer seemed like a cool fun guy also. Team Rocket were fun in this episode also.
  5. Zamin

    Losing Its Lustrous (564)

    This episode was awesome. I love episodes that dive deep into the lore and history of the Pokemon world. Things are really spicing up and I'm interested to see what happens next. It was sad to see some of the ruins blown up as thye are an area of cultural and historical significance. It was...
  6. Zamin

    Doc Brock (562)

    This episode was amazing. I was totally not expecting that Zapdos to just show up and I think it is a great way to showcase the Platinum feature of the legendary bird trio showing up as random encounters. This episode was really fun and enjoyable with lots of super cute moments. I loved the...
  7. Zamin

    Playing the Leveling Field (561)

    This was a cool episode. Drifloon was so bad ass and it was cool to see it evolve. It's a shame Ash lost here but I look forward to the rematch ;)
  8. Zamin

    Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine (560)

    This episode was AMAZING. The return of Team Rocket was totally EPIC. I loved hearign the original motto and hearing Double Trouble play which is one of my favourite Pokemon songs. I really enjoyed this episode.
  9. Zamin

    One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! (559)

    I laughed out loud when Magikarp was selected as Jessie's Pokemn, that was a very funny moment. It was nice seeing Team Rocket not as villainous in this arc, ok Jessie was kinda bad when she started fights with other trainers to stay in front but other that I liked them not just being in the...
  10. Zamin

    Ghoul Daze (558)

    I really enjoyed this episode, it was very funny and interesting. The ghost girl was an interesting character and it was scary how she tried to lure that boy to his death. I wish we got to see the spirit world as I reckon it would have been a cool place to explore. I felt bad for Dusknoir...
  11. Zamin

    Pikachu's Great Ice Adventure (P11)

    This was a cute episode, I wish it was available in English though. Anyway the story was interesting and there were a lot of cute and funny moments.
  12. Zamin

    Giratina & The Sky Warrior! (11)

    Wow, I've just seen this for the first time and it was absolutely amazing!!! It is one of the top Pokemon movies, along with 4ever and Lucario & The Mystery of Mew. The plot was interesting, the story was great, I loved the reverse world. It was awesome seeing both formes of Giratina. Shaymin...
  13. Zamin

    The Psyduck Stops Here! (555)

    I enjoyed this episode. The baby Psyduck were adorable. Brock's Mexican dancing was funny and I love that even the Muk got a happy ending. I also like that thye included the Psyduck block from the game which was cool.
  14. Zamin

    Fighting Fear with Fear (553)

    It was cool seeing Gary back and after seeing this episode I support Gary and Dawn shipping, they seem cute together as she adores his poetry. It was cool to see Gligar evolve, Gligar was a dweeb for most of the episode but Gliscor seems hardcore and cooler so I like him.
  15. Zamin

    Hungry For The Good Life! (552)

    It was nice to see Dawn getting a new Pokemon, Swinub was cute, although I feel like he is going to cause the gang some trouble with his huge appetite.