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Aug 22, 2012
May 2, 2012
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Active Member, from Behind you three seconds ago.

Zapphire was last seen:
Aug 22, 2012
    1. LadyTriox
      Hi...I like your name^^ Wanna be friends? :)
    2. Frozen Sunset
    3. EonDragonFTW
      thanks, but someone already told me
    4. Ioneos
      Yeah, go ahead. It's happened to me before by like a few seconds so I know how ya feel (:
    5. Dracoste
      Great that you found that app!
      D'awwww, that drawing is so adorable^w^
    6. Dracoste
      An Iphone? Eehmmm... Not really. You don't have any access to a computer in the next 23 hours?
    7. Dracoste
      Zapphire, perhaps you need to upload your pic with something else. I always use *******.com. Perhaps if you upload it while using that, it might work.
    8. Zincspider
      I probably will. It's been a fun ride.
    9. Zincspider
      Really not sure.
      Probably not opening sign-ups again, as I plan to have an ending in sight soon.
    10. TylerPhoenix
      Sure, but PM it.
    11. TylerPhoenix
      I've added a Reserves List - If it makes it easier, just place a reserve for the class you want, and I'll add you. You can have up to two characters.
    12. TylerPhoenix
      Awesome; will sign up for yours when it goes up. can't be in enough RP's!
    13. TylerPhoenix
      It is XD I've spent AGES trying to get that right, and incorporate each class into it. As for getting items/restrictions and yadda yadda right, it's taken a VERY long time. It's been a while.
    14. TylerPhoenix
      Your character is VERY customizable. There are so many options. Height, weight, skin colour, hair, eeyes, whole face and body, stats, loads basically. Also, posting my RP in about 5-10 minutes.
    15. TylerPhoenix
      It's very big and complex, and no game will EVER be the same as the last, even if you raise the exact same stats every time. I love it, but there are those who won't. Did you ever play Oblivion? Because that, despite being good, is a million times worse than Skyrim.
    16. TylerPhoenix
      It would be very cool but I doubt it will happen. Err... Tbh I've been busy with Minecraft PC, Skyrim, Halo 3/Reach, Fifa 12 and Pokemon....
    17. TylerPhoenix
      I'm unsure. I'd love to visit Kanto or Johto, but then again, Unova is going to be a significantly large and awesome region when B/W2 come out so yeah,Unova seems an excellent choice. it also means I can still get Eevee, Lucario and Arcanine alongside a Galvantula, Bisharp and Braviary.
    18. TylerPhoenix
      Yep. It's going to be interesting, especially as we've been told there is more than one way to each place. I mean, bulking out the region is more realistic and fun anyway.
    19. TylerPhoenix
      Good Thanks. Ah, I'm enjoying the RP, it's quite funny. Just hoping I can get my RP up soon.
    20. TylerPhoenix
      Hey fellow GJ Rp'er! How're you doing?
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    Behind you three seconds ago.
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    Well, soccer, baseball, video games, making videos that never get posted, and hanging with friends