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  • I think you are the only one left to post. We are in no hurry, but if you are going to take a bit longer, we may have to continue without you, and you will have to meet up with the characters shortly later.
    In addition to what Charze has already stated, one thing that I can say is useful in doing well in PRR is integrating oneself into the game. While we have the website with houses things such as the Attackdex and Abilitydex, the xat room is also very valuable. It can be accessed from the OP as well. WIth the , not only can you interact with the other players, you can also ask refs what will work or what will not based upon who is reffing, find out who is reffing, and probably even make some friends. Best of luck, as in this round, to survive past the first reffing, you'll need it.

    Hey! I saw that you signed up for the PRR round. What is extremely important is that you read the first post and follow those rules. And it's also important that you reference the Attackdex that they have in the first post so you will know what attacks do and stuff. Now just so you know, this is a lot different then a regular round, since we have twice as much stamina and twice as much people. So my advice is to not use up all of your moves so quickly and find a way where you can avoid attacks. Mainly I say this because there will probably be a massacre out there of crazy attacks and such. So yeah, best of luck, and with this crazy setup, even if you get killed in the first round, come back and play when it's under much more "normal" rules. Good luck!
    Um, have you read all the previous posts? Because in this RP, the titans tower in underground. You can't see any view from it.
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