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  • Hey Zard, I'm doing some cleanup of the Florem region post. Let me know by October 1st if you want me to keep you on the list. If not, you'll need to reapply.
    hello, and yeah i dont XD and ive been inactive for awhile because ive been busy with school and stuff and ive been playing my copy of pokemon y like crazy lately! how have you been?
    This is really, really embarrassing. And I know it's been a very long time since I accepted your request and so you're probably wondering where it is.
    The night I got the request, I took a crack at. But... I just couldn't. I couldn't do it.
    A few days ago, I tried again.
    And just now, I attempted a third time. But I just can't.

    And so now I'm going to do something that I've never, ever done. I'm giving up. I'm retroactively denying your request because I simply lack the skill to complete in a fashion that I'd feel comfortable releasing.
    I'm so sorry. I'm very, very sorry. But I just can't.

    I mean, believe me, I don't want to... But Arceus above is Rayquaza one of, if not the, worst Pokemon to have as a base. It is virtually unusable.

    Forgive me, and feel free to request anything else from my shop. Or if you are so inclined to have this request, try my worker Shadow Lucario 50. He also does fusions and he may have better luck with the request.
    hey I was at my friends house yesterday and up until about an hour ago! me and my dad went to go get me the animal crossing game that came out today and I just got home with it and im about to open and play it! I haven't worked on my team at all there was a carnival these past few days and I was there with my friends :p
    How does this Saturday evening sound?
    We could discuss plans and potential strategies for your team,and we could have a bout if you have anything so far.
    There's also a triples club-it hasn't been as active of late,but we tend to throw our ideas around there.Activity will shoot up this summer :)
    haha okay! well when you say 5:30 It says that the message was sent at 3:29AM for me probably as I live in Nevada which has pacific standard time

    MOOORNNNINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up awhile ago because of my dad XD
    oh I went to bed but I went to a different room at about 2 because there was a moth in my room (that I though I already killed) so I lock it in my room and went to the spare room.
    oh sweet! well I have to throw one together later :)
    okay! sounds like a plan!
    well on random matchup where I practice with triples and doubles I remember seeing some tough and strong setups try going on there to get some ideas though sadly I don't remember them because it was a year after black came out which is too far back for me XD
    yeah I know I tend to think of every possibility and that drives me nuts especially oif the team has variety and one poke is weak to one but strong on another XD
    I also prefer doubles and triples but singles are becoming easier for me after some pwt playing
    with the double and triple teams stuff I usually just picked some of y favorite pokes and arrange them in such a way that they co-operate with eachother. I cant really explain it. I wish I could help though. I don't know how I do it but I just do XD
    oh nice :D ive never played that game though XD
    and on my team I got too lazy on the ev training but my rotom has full speed and most spA and some in random catagories :p
    and I really like all of them BUT I hate Hate HATE! rotation battles >.> I hate them SO FREAKING MUCH! too many possibilities and I think of them ALL so I don't know which action to choose and I majority of the time choose the WORST MOVE I COULD HAVE DONE when in a certain situation it would have been perfect O_O
    oh sweet! and I wasn't online all day because I was watching thejwittz's Colosseum playthrough XD
    I LOVE Soul Eater! very very much! especially Crona :DDDDDDDD
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