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  • I figured that was most likely too, but I would be interested in a study that compares and contrasts levels of empathy between oppressed and privileged groups to see if there's any significant variance.
    Another thing I'm going to add is that the location in my profile may have mislead you, if you happened to notice it. The word "British" is considered to be a bad word to use among some social groups in the UK, especially in Wales and Scotland where people would rather be referred to as Welsh and Scottish. This goes for a lot of English too in England, however many English aren't as bothered about being called British, seeing as England is sometimes considered to control the rest of the US, and thus Wales and Scotland. Wales and Scotland also have very different histories to England, but that is another subject in itself.
    I just wanted to say thanks for reigning me in a little, in the chat thread, and to say I've added the following edit to my post. It really is a more nuanced conflict, and I'm grateful for the help in keeping my feet out of my mouth. ^_^;

    "Edit: Zazie is right. I focus too much on the religious explanations for these two nations' conflict, and haven't paid appropriate time to the extreme nationalism that also plays a role. While I do think each nation's religious history is the prime source for the conflict over who has claims to what and why, I did not mean to reduce the problem to one solely of 'religion vs religion.'"
    That I didn't knew. I always thought it were better, consdering half of the old users here tend to be well centered on their ideas and stuff. And let's not get on how "eh" is misc. nowadays. Clearly got down a looooooot regarding posts quality. Specially the polls section.
    And wow, a wikia just because of it? Wish it were on, still.

    "Adult content" like what? Hehe. Eh, after Evangelion, I don't think I care too much. Besides, I'm 18 already, haha! I don't like incest... And extreme fanservice. Supposing the anime is old, I can guess it doesn't have that much of fan service?
    The gif! And the quote was good, yes. I liked, at least. It blends well with the gif, something that usually, doesn't occurr on SPPF.

    A-ko? Is it good? I actually parodies. Will give it a look today. There's years since I last watched an anime.

    I wish I were here before, it sounds like it was a better. It's not like it is bad nowadays, but there's way too much nonsense posts nowadays, and hate between users. They take it too much personal, everything you do. Like, if I disagree with you once, doesn't mean you have to hate every post I do. Though, after they closed the counting games, is it WAY much better!
    I'm unsure how much good 2008 were on SPPF, though. But 2014 isn't being that much good, honestly.
    And HA! Deal with that, you're indeed a veteran. Even I, being from 2012, am considered old here, somehow.
    I miss your old signature, man.

    By the way, from which anime is your new one? The design is interesting. I'm quite curious here.
    And wow you're one of those SPPF veterans, haha!
    yeah, they have a really good balance. they also changed a lot in the 20ish years they were active. the early stuff (on the sunday of life to signify) is really psychedelic/space rock-y stuff, then they got a bit poppier for a while (stupid dream - lightbulb sun), then a bit metal (in absentia - deadwing), then the last couple of albums (fear of a blank planet - the incident) were considerably heavier
    You know whats funny. You know I am correct, you just would rather not admit it. Not to mention nothing you said in your last post actually backed up your arguement. There really is no arguement if they were the same thing there would be no need to distinguish them between each other. I realize you have played a number of rpgs and like to think you know them inside and out. I am not going to argue that either way, that said you are arguing against something that you know is false. -_- seems kind of senseless to me.
    Sure, and you also get the boosted experience, good choice. Lilligant is a lot of fun, too, with Sleep Powder and Quiver Dance and all her good tricks. Grass is my favorite type, so there's some bias there, ahaha. ^_^
    Your post on the 30 Seconds To Mars song - it's the chorus that actually won me over so quickly to it being one of my favourite songs xD
    Good luck EV training, Glass Eye. It's kind of discouraging when you first try it and haven't gotten into a rhythm yet, but it pays off huge. I find EV training these days to be enjoyable, even. Though I've got it down to maybe an hour and a half for a single Pokemon, and I don't bother trying to get Pokerus. Who did you decide to EV?
    Don't worry about it. I see that you complained about some stuff that happened in Misc., and just keep in mind that when you see something that's breaking the rules don't be hesitant to use the report button.
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