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  • Yeah, with me, I used to piss off quite a few people early 2011, then I just started changing the way I post and people totally laid off. Looking back early on in the old chat thread I could see what people were talking about, but that doesn't mean I should go acting better than people who post like than now. I personally think people should stop following the herd, and think for themselves. If you want to call someone on the way post, that's fine. Like how I did with Gelatino, state your problem, leave it at that. But don't sit there and stalk the persons posts trying to find things wrong with them, because that honestly gets real annoying when every other post is "stop poting" or something of the sort.

    I think quite a few people here currently fall into point 2. They were picked on in the past, hated it, and now take upon themselves to do the same to others. Actually both points points seem to make up the majority of people complaining.
    Wow, I usually miss these kinds of shitstorms and try to prevent commenting on them, but I have to say, Profesco has my deepest sympathies.
    Ah, it's nothing to fuss over. Still, very kind of you, Glass Eye. Have a merry Christmas~ =)
    o.0 You're absolutely right, every single one of the facts in your sig are correct. Kudos! *drinks non-alcoholic mojito*
    I don't know. I've seen alot criticize the fourth (when I lurked) seamlessly because they just got generalized in with the original "OHMYGODZOrgnALPOKEZMAN"
    I think the Infernape and Blaizken example is a classic.
    What about the third gen fans I list? the ones who love third gen but hate the fourth (and will hate the fifth)?
    PS I like the new thread title.
    My name is Narcissus, and like the walking ego that I am, I take credit for that flash of brilliant wit. Try not to adore me too hard, please. ^_^
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