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  • I agree with basically your entire review of I Choose You. I'd add a couple of points:

    1. Charizard is a lot less interesting in this continuity, being modeled after Infernape and Pignite. It feels like a plot device, whereas the original Charizard had a distinct personality and his disobedience arc was a fitting reversal of roles from his past relationship with Damian.

    2. The Rainbow Hero legend doesn't seem to serve any purpose. In the games, summoning Ho-Oh is supposed to restore something about the Pokemon-human bond that was lost long ago. In the movie, Ash's bond with Pikachu isn't treated as a vector to something greater.

    Not to mention how bizarre it is to have an alternate Ash be the one to meet Ho-Oh, and cut the meeting short at that. It's extremely underwhelming after 20 years, and yet some fans are fine with it.
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