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  • Oh dear god that would scare me! Some creepy rat looking thing out on the roof... I wouldn't have slept.... Probably kept a bat near me at all times. Yes, I do get freaked out by movies... Not like the actual movie scares me, just the feeling of the movie. Scary movies make me scared, and my imagination runs away with it. Trees turn into ogers, shadows into vampires..... Stuff like that. No, that hasn't happened.... But now there is a mysterious cat meowing late at night, and there are no cat's aloud in the appartment. It even sounds like it's coming from my dad's room!

    The only experience I've had with cows was my uncle's milking cows... I got to see them milk... It was weird as they all kept stareing at me and mooing... But after that I got to play around with the calves... That was fun... Cow mating season you say? ... I... I don't even want to know what that would sound like, let alone look like.... *shudder*

    I don't know... Perhaps if the other fish dude isn't ugly, or will lavish Dimitri with praise.... Maybe... OR they'll just get along normally. :/ I find that alot of characters are made for little reasons. And yes, I do remember you telling me about the Carlton drawing you did... Which I've yet to see....

    And yes, again. Keith was also made because of that... Less clean reason.... I've heard of Junjou Romantica... But I haven't seen it. So I wouldn't have any thoughts on it.

    Oh dear... a laser? I'll have to be carefull about how I have Dimitri acts around Zeki... Which I read and find really cute... If not threatening....


    Yes, yes it is. Sorry for not being on, got grounded for... I forget. Lets just say talking back.
    No... No I really don't... But was scared. I was hugging my sheets thinking of how much I like life for.. Most of the night.. I fell asleep around 3am... And... Really a cow? Does it keep you up mooing all night? And it still would have been awkward if you sent messages to my old account, expecting to get an answer....

    Aw thanks alot! I'm glad that you like him... And I don't exactally know why I chose a fish... I just thought that it would be cool when I was making him.... Do you remember way back when I told you I make characters for... Little reasons.... (Like I made Keith because I saw Carlton and wanted to make his opposite?) The only reason why I made Dimitri was because somewhere, I'd like some other character to walk in on him hugging/molesting one of the yonger characters and be all KEEP YOUR PEDO HANDS OFF HIM! >8U

    Sole purpose for making him... Lame... And YOU GET TO WORK ON YOUR SIGN UP WOMAN!!!! (Yes, I got MOAR manly while you were away...)

    Oh, and his name is cute.... >.>
    Yes... It has been a long time... But I wasn't exactally a good friend either... But I have been doing well, except for last night. It was raining here and some new dude from nextdoor was shuffling about my window... In the dark...

    I missed you to. *hugs*

    Oh, and GBS is the pairing of my dog character Keith and your character Carlton... Which I still find cute....
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