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  • Hi again! Since Bank is compatible now, I can give you the free HA Gligar. Now you have a choice of Moon ball or Dream ball!
    Sorry I just saw this, I was up late repainting the bathroom so I slept in later. I can do 2/3pm CST tomorrow or Friday.
    Just as a follow-up/heads-up, Greninja 100% can be traded! Not sure where you got that from, but I retested it myself last night :)
    Sounds good. I am going to be around for the next 2 hours so if you're around hit me up and we can trade. I believe I need your FC and IGN still. Mine are in my signature.
    I apologize for my delay due to the holiday, but I'm getting back to you, no need for spam lol hm are you sure about Greninja? Unless I'm misremembering, my cousin just traded me his as he wanted to restart his game over. But no worries, I'm not sure we were going to be able to agree anyway. Thanks for the offer anyway! :)
    Bulbapedia is wrong.

    Stealth Rocks is naturally learned by Lycanroc (and Rockruff) at level 29. Alolan Sandslash can learn Icicle Crash via the move tutor (and I believe on evolution). Both of these are in the Field egg group, as is Swinub.

    Given it's in the field egg group you can technically access any of a Field Pokemon's egg moves. Because so is Smeargle. Provided you have a Pokemon which can naturally learn one of Smeargle's egg moves, you can just use said move against a wild Smeargle with a low level Pokemon (they can learn any move in their level up pool through relearner now) provided it outspeeds, and then catch the Smeargle after it Sketches it. Voila, you have your egg move.
    That's alright to ask, I haven't gotten around to breeding yet. I've had a few things come up and just haven't gotten around to it. I'll start breeding tonight.
    I'm actually online now if you're still OK to trade. :)

    But sure I think I can do that timeframe as well!
    Hey I have your Adamant Male Heavy Ball HA Geodude ready! It has perfect IVs in Attack and Speed so hopefully that will help you!
    yeah we keep doing that lol but we got it to work XD anyway thanks for the trade enjoy the pichu which you live in the same area as my friend azulart XD
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