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  • I am online now if you like to trade I got another person online as well whoever messages first we can trade ^_^
    dang it I keep missing you -____- I was trading off breedjects but I will be longing on and off from now still so hopefully if I can catch if not try tomorrow...
    hmmm alrighty I will not be going to work anyway because my mom had surgery and I have to take care of her so that will be perfect :3 I am guessing its your time or mine? forgot to put that XD

    edit: if I mess up on the timezone thing just come on around 12pm to 1pm gmt -4 if you can of course it might be early where you live because i think your time is early where I live >.> I go later online which I trade to get online around 6 to 8pm to try to catch you like you came on around this time.
    awww thanks its nice to have people help with my shop ^_^ anyway alright we got a time difference but we can work things out ^_^ I will on and off most of the day once again so if you happen to see my green light on just message me :3
    alright your request is ready so whenever I catch you online again just vm if you see the green light :3 he is timid nature 5iv -attack since the vulpix is gunna be 5iv that will be the fair trade and its up to you if you want to add the egg moves since it would be a fair trade if you didn't have any tbh since pichu wasn't asked for any ;) up to you if you alright with that ^_^
    I would if I had the fast ball XD I am pretty sure I have one in oras so no point of wasting my only fast ball while I can transfer it to sun and moon when bank is out XD I am gunna try to catch the alola region pokemon with the apricorn balls that fit. I got alola geodude in heavy ball atm only still figuring out what I want with the other apricorn ball choices. I can start on your request then since you alright with ultra ball then ^_^

    edit: also read it a bit wrong which don't have fast ball anything which it has to be the same species for it to pass down the apricorn ball :/ that is the downfall I read
    I don't have fast ball pichu sadly yet :/ it is in ultra ball on my charts only is that okay? not sure if you click on the spoilers it lists on the charts what I can offer ^_^ unless you accidentally thought the ultra ball was fast XD it happens sometimes I do it too :p
    sure that is fine :3 and yeah it pretty much annoying I can't breed what I want since bank doesn't update until January :/ but once it out I will have alot of apricorn ball choices and as well hidden abilities so trust me it be worth the wait :p I use to be in the 6th gen trade shop section just working with someone else but decided to open my own trade shop up ^_^
    alright its up to you which I have to rebreed it anyway with alolan grimer is a must because its viable to have pursuit on it for comp play :p but there is another way around this though would you like to change your target then for the HA Vulpix?
    so sorry about this but I accidentally had a error on my charts that needs to be fixed. I forgot to take off the pursuit sense I can't get that egg move yet do to bank isn't out yet. I can put on a new egg move of your choice on it. I haven't fully breed grimer so didn't notice the error but pursuit I wanted but since bank isn't out yet I can't get it just yet. its so frustrating sometimes and confusing I can't breed what I want competitively XD I will check my charts one more time if there are anymore errors and fix it so it doesn't happen again.
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