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Recent content by Zealot

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    Pokemon Sun/Moon possibilities discussion thread

    Bewear can be James' Pokemon. Like his previous ones who bite him out of love. But Bewear will hug him hard instead.
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    All I care about right now is Mimikyu
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    New Moves & Abilities Discussion Thread

    DAZZLING is my fave so far. <3
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    Mega Evolution Discussion & Speculation Thread

    I feel like the Pokemon (that haven't gotten Megas before) that were shown in the S/M footage are hinted to get Mega evolution. Pangoro, Fearow, Milotic, Flygon, Arcanine, Electabuzz (possibly Electivire) among many others. Lucario, Charizard, Houndour, and etc. were shown before in XY...
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I'd love to see a faery Pokemon that actually looks like the typical faeries depicted irl. I think it's very likely that we're gonna get our token electric type rodent this gen, I'm hoping that we'll get something that is competitively viable. I want another bulky steel/flying Pokemon. :)
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    Alola Region Discussion Thread

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but pretty sure they drew inspiration from this place in Turkey.
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    Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

    I understand your point. ^_^ But sometimes it can get annoying. Like, at least we're still getting some T from Pokemon.
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    Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

    Am I the only one who's pleased with what we've gotten so far? People in other forums that I shall not name are complaining a lot (e.g., about how simple this gen's designs are compared to gen 1), like, we've only seen 10 so far??? I'm liking each of them, TBH.
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    The Rite of the Island Challenge Discussion Thread

    Ooooh. Things are getting more exciting. I hope they revamp the Pokemon League. Like, get rid of Victory Road and instead, travel from one island to another to battle each Elite Four member in each island. :) Wishful thinking. Lol. And I can totally see Hala as a gym leader.
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    What color of bike did you choose?

    Hope you're not having troubles browsing through this site! Lol! :p
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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

    I did some box cleaning earlier today. I just had to get rid off my extra (and by extra I mean 2 boxes of) Chikorita, so I sent some of them over Wonder Trade. Got nothing exciting in return. No shiny, whatsoever. But then again, I am not much interested with shiny Pokemon. The rest, I released...
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    Legendaries Discussion Thread

    Thought of the same thing the moment that old guy mentioned about the four guardians of their islands. Hmm... that means we're getting MORE legendary Pokemon this time. Magearna, Solgaleo, Lunala + the 4 island guardians. I doubt that Solgaleo and Lunala are included in the 4 guardians, IMO...
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    Mega Evolution Discussion & Speculation Thread

    I think Ash-Greninja is a very rare phenomenon specially made for Ash just for the sake of giving him a Pokemon that can evolve a la mega evolve since he has yet to obtain a keystone.
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Thoughts on new Pokemon: Pikipek - Love it! It's very likely that it will get a diverse move pool and learn several multiple-shot moves to make its ability viable! Bullet seed those rock types! :p Yungoos - I am a fan of its perpetual grin. Lmao. At least it doesn't seem boring like the...
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    New Gameplay Features/Mechanics Discussion Thread

    I'm excited about the Battle Royal! <3 But IA with @Yknot that it will probably not be something competitive and is only for fun. Idk.