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Recent content by Zeddokun

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    Who has beaten Red?

    I beat him with a level 69 Feraligatr, a level 37 Shuckle, a level 42 Lugia, and a level 5 Togepi... I don't know HOW, as their movesets all sucked...
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    Ever had an anime-esque moment in-game?

    I finished it off with false swipe! I was battling Gardenia and my Combee was on low health. She had her last Pokemon, Roserade, and I had my last one as well. Luckily, I somehow managed to knock it out. Then, Combee evolves. It's not very epic...
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    Official Pokémon Colosseum & XD: Gale of Darkness Recent Happenings Thread V2

    I just got all the shadow Pokemon purified! I love having a Lugia and Dragonite with out much effort!
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    What Pokemon do you use for Battle Hall?

    My awesome Houndour named "Shinigami."
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    Naruto Shippuden to be on Disney XD Channel

    CN is now pretty much a heap of trash. Also, it amused me when Sasuke jumps down and Sakura's like "Why did he do that?" XD Silly TV censorship.
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    any coincidences in pokemon?

    I was explaining shiny Pokemon to my cousin while he was playing Pearl. While I'm talking, he finds a shiny Girafarig. He also tells me he had found a shiny Zubat but didn't know what it was. Luckily, my cousin was veeeeeery generous and gave both of them to me! In Emerald, I was trying to...
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    Halloween Thread

    Last year I was L from Death Note so this year I'll be... That. Halloween gives me an excuse to do bad cosplay. :)
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    Darkrai Nicknames?

    Shadow... because he has the same color scheme as Shadow the Hedgehog. I'm usually creative but I wasn't with Darkrai's nickname.
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    Best Opening

    Wow, nobody has posted the opening theme for Cowboy Bebop?! That's just sad. IT HAS THE GREATEST ANIME SOUNDTRACK EVER. Tank!-The Seatbelts This opening is in RUSSIAN!!!! That's just AWESOME!!!! Rise-Yoko Kanno, Origa, & Tim Jensen The anime is in my banner. It's opening is the only rap...
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    How old were you and where are you now?

    I watched the show as a 4-year-old and when I bought a gameboy color, I learned about the games. I just started eighth grade.
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    Did You Ever Really Use Zigzagoon/Linoone?

    I tried to use my shiny one to do something... but it always kept failing.
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    Funny Pokemon experiences?

    My experience is happening right now. I just got the membership key event or whatever for Darkrai and immediately rush to the hotel. Now I'm stuck with a team of high-leveled Pokemon and 151 Poke Balls via getting Premier Balls. The only move I have to give it a status condition is Toxic...
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    Teachers that suck.

    I had a teacher in 6th grade who was OBSESSED with calculators. We only had like three VERY EASY mental math problems everyday. She was half-science half-math teacher and knew nothing about math. The only reason she became a teacher is because she failed getting a degree geology due to have a...
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    My Drawings

    Oh,sorry. :P Well sometimes there a little too flat and sometimes they're too pointy. In the Avatar picture Aang's head is fine but everyone else's are not. The brother picture has a seriously messed up head. In fact, all your digital pictures aren't that good. I think you do much better on...
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    ~*~Rate how well known the above user is. [IV]~*~

    Never seen you. =P 0/10