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  • Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday Zeeky H.Bomb.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Haha, I assume you read my About Me huh? Why would I take that personally? ;D
    At least you told me instead of ignoring my vm's like, some other idiots around here.
    You can't blame me for checking up on my pals once in a while. ;D

    I'm a bronzor so uh....*clink*clink*

    Btw. your name is cool.*high five*
    Oh that reminds me!
    What do you think of my edited trainer card? :D

    Hello, Im just trying to get as many peoples MSN addys who are in our SPPF family, do you think I could have it?, if you want to get to know me first thats fine i'm going to send you a freind request on here and we can chat.
    Ello! Well since you're my nephew now, I think it's time we should get to know each other :)

    (Sorry for the random friend request,my profile is limited to friends only^^;)
    Hey Zeeky.
    I would totally love it if you would check out my new thread and post on it.
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