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Jul 7, 2019
Apr 13, 2012
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Jul 7, 2019
    1. tehboogieman
      eyy you still got the arceus?
    2. QuoteMissy
      It's alright, I took care of him, he talks alot doesn't he? -.-
    3. Arvis
      i'm trying to make an RU/NU team, but i might use one or two UU pokemon.
      i was debating whether i should use roserade or serperior as my team's primary grass type.
    4. NoteLobo
      It should be under competitive Pokemon under clans. I am the leader of Team Sky, feel free to join whatever clan you wish though =)
    5. NoteLobo
      You can check out my clan for some more info on them. They are just groups of members that work together to train, trade, and further themselves.
    6. NoteLobo
      Trade shops are for you then. Maybe you could run it through one of the many clans to make it faster.
    7. Vatii
      I'm with Note. Just act like I'm not here.....
    8. NoteLobo
      So what do you do on the site? You here for the trade forums or are you a team poster? Or are you in a clan maybe?
    9. NoteLobo
      No one really just saw that you were pretty new and wanted to welcome you to the forums.
    10. truevillany
      What post where you referring to? Either way, I do have a flawless Phanpy with SR. If interested, post in the shop.
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    Will go to great lengths for:
    Timid Raikou with max hp ice

    Other cool stuff for competitive battling

    White FC: 0733 4743 9269
    White 2 FC: 4599 7275 5838
    3DS FC: 0602 - 6286 - 4037