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  • Oh God, I know the feeling. Senior year next year, I'm just hoping I'll pull myself together and put forth some amount of effort. I'm in summer mode as well, but I'm still super busy. Sometimes I wish I was in middle school again when I could afford to just spend my entire day on Serebii. lol

    Not really tho.
    Only thing I care about from Nintendo rn is any new Pokemon games or Zelda Wii U, and from what I heard their program consisted of none of that lol. But yeah, Mario Maker sounds fun. Honestly, I haven't been playing a lot of video games lately because of work and stuff. I haven't even finished Alpha Sapphire yet xP
    Somewhat. I didn't really watch this year, but I'm pumped for the new Mirror's Edge. hbu?
    Yo, do you still come on here? Literally I don't know anyone on here anymore, so hmu if you're still active. x(
    I was just curious. Thats a super easy way to get shinies, but I don't like it because my name won't be on the OT.
    I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying it would be strange if Audino's HP stayed the same.

    Also do you know about SV?
    Yea maybe but its too early to be sure about Audino not getting an HP boost. Isn't that it's main thing?
    If they don't then they'll up the defenses. I just can't see Audino being a sweeper lol
    Aye dude watch Mega audino gives 2x more xp than regular audino. haha. That's the only use I can find for it.
    Aye but I don't let some bad apples keep me from coming back and posting.

    And Slowbro is weird as hell but I can't even think of any other design for his mega lol. As soon as fairy type was revealed I was almost certain Audino's typing would change and it never did. I guess I was expecting something like that to happen to it. Wbu?
    Yea man I agree. And actually its the female that passes the ball down.
    Also I totally agree that I handled it poorly. The community here just totally annoys me. You probably could've tell with my comments. Everyone is always trying to minimod and because of that discussions are limited by their spam. I mean I wanted to start posting again but then I get this guy talking to me acting like he knows the rules more than me. I have been here for like 3 and a half years and I have posted 5000+ times (remember there's some subforums that don't count post counts), I understand and respect the rules. Isn't swearing against the rules but the mods do it? As long as no one swears at anyone then that rule really doesn't matter. Same thing in my case. As long as I don't go in an in depth guide on how to hack and what programs to use than I see no problem. I never really liked the community here in any subforum other than the clan section.
    Aye man whats your opinion on me using a cool hacked in (Noticed how I said hacked in, the pokemon is 100% legit) pokeball as a parent to my pokemon? I actually got the torchic over wondertrade (remember that wondertrade blocks hacked pokemon) At first I was taking that thread seriously but then I remembered that this is a childrens forum and just laughed about it, and then when the old mod went in saying "I was once relevant, but now I'm not but please give me attention", I actually chuckled. Dude is probably in his 30s.
    Yea pretty dumb of you man. Every johto starter is nice shiny. I just hatched a shiny cyndaquil yesterday.

    You need to pay more attention man. The fact that you saw that it was a shiny but still reset it worries me. I would understand if you would sr over a shiny that you didn't see but you saw the shiny totodile.

    But don't worry bro. You'll get it eventually. **** happens. Don't let this affect you negatively and use it as motivation.
    LOL *******! How does that even happen though? If you weren't paying attention then you shouldn't have been SRing in the first place.
    Whats wrong brah? These new megas are eh. They didn't blow me away like megagross though. That thing is badass
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