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  • Finding a college is the easy part. Deciding what you want to study for is the hard part.
    Aw man that reminds me, I need to start looking at colleges. I will probably go to my community college because I will get a full scholarship but then I will transfer to a big university. Like one of my teachers said "It doesn't matter where you go to get your education. The only thing jobs look for is the name of the school that's on your diploma."
    Ouch summer readings suck. Im surprised you read considering how you can google the summaries lol. So you I pretty much started school already :(
    My guy! I have been good man. I have been making it rain shinies. But now I start school and I won't be able to shiny hunt much. Wbu bro?
    Hey, just saw your post in the shiny thread, that you wanted help evolving your Magmar? If you've got a Magmarizer, I don't mind helping you out for free, as long as my timezone (GMT +1) won't make things too tricky, as I go to bed quite early and that sometimes makes things difficult when I'm organising to trade.
    Yeah dude I feel it haha. That's always fun though, the 25 episodes should easily last you the full four hours plus more!
    I can't even remember the last time I wasn't the one driving hahaha.

    I'm never with my parents anymore, I'm usually at work commuting an hour away, or I'm with my girl, and I drive her around when I'm with her ha
    I feel it haha, I really only come on here like once or twice a week now a days.

    Been working and buying car parts man, got my project going, and it's starting to come along.
    Too early for hype since they haven't showed anything about the game... But dammit on still hyped
    Also it would be awesome if we got another regions starters in the middle of the game like X/Y
    The Battle Frontier should be like it's own island. I remember how awesome it was finding a cave in emeralds battle frontier.
    The champion music was awesome! What's one feature new or old you want to be in these games?
    Yeah I think my last day is the first or second Monday of June... either way it's a Monday, which is stupid. We finish finals on a Friday so our last day we basically just screw around since we have to show up because laws. I also have an AP US History exam tomorrow. I'm gonna die. But yeah, free time for me has been another attempt to get into competitive Pokémon. So far it ain't working.
    Hey! It's been okay, school in May is the worst, so I'm really just trying to power through these last couple of weeks. How about you?
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