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  • Okay, so as I told Joltik-Kid, I dissected the kiss and thought it more oriented toward the future with regard to Serena's overall demeanor. I might have cleared certain lines in my calendar until November 8 and refilled them with new potential reviews of Serena, Kalos, and this upcoming region, and I can promise that you really don't want to know why. As I recall, I've found Amourshipping a competitor with Advanceshipping in potential for tragedy, in the sense of considerable opposition or even influence by the main villain, Lysandre in this case. Serena doesn't know what other kinds of trouble she and Ash will likely encounter in the future, so her kiss was her fullest attempt yet at making Ash aware of her affection, quite the contrast with Pearlshipping's flow in my overarching scenario thus far. Anyway, how are you?
    Hey, I've missed you. I don't use this site anymore but hope we can stay in touch via email or texting etc.
    Hedge will probably be doing alot of research on Morphers but will stop in to see one of your character's performance and decide to join you guys on a trip to Amethyst Town! I'm so excited! I've made 6 gym leaders looks already!
    Never really thought about it, but Amethyst town would be the first gym. I'll put a list of the gyms today for each city. For contests.... they're in the cities Venus City, Gogh City, and Warhol City.
    Hey, were both in Lilycove City so I think we should both board the same ship (the second departure as said in my most recent post.)
    Hey! I know it is late and you won't see this until tomorrow morning but....

    IM SO EXCITED FOR MORPH LEGENDS! I just made the entire Haoj region's cities, towns, villages, forests, etc. I wish I could create an actual map but oh well. I'm not gonna give any of the names of the places away but... they all have to do with art.
    Hey there derpy hooves gurl! So, I noticed your post in the Rainbow Omen, and I've been thinking about the Densetsu sidequest a bit. I have come to the conclusion that at this point, you can have Tekina enter the palace of Densetsu whenever you like. During the UFO flight is fine, but if you prefer to wait a bit, that's fine too. Although, it would be kind of interesting if Gon or Kyornik overhears what Uma said aboard the UFO and becomes concerned when Tekina does enter the palace.

    Happy new year! Here's a bomb, go blow up an oversized statue with it.
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