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  • I have a 6IV jap ditto if you want it. Unsure what you have for actual trade fodder as you didn't specify :/
    Well, of course you've gotta keep on practicing, cause that's just the way writing goes. How long are you Halo fanfictions?

    Right? I know they were trying to make it seem like you were Chelle, but... I dunno, I feel like they should have elaborated on her personality some more.

    Anyways, I'm gonna be on a small hiatus until Spring Break starts, so might not answer my VMs right away. Sorry 'bout it!
    And... I'm done! Ohoho... I really like how you've characterized Chelle and GLaDOS's relationship. It makes a whole lot of sense. I mean, when you're playing the game, you're stuck in a first person view - and who knows what Chelle's thinking about in all of this? You never get to see her expression, so you never really think about what she felt to see GLaDOS - and boy, was she probably freaking out on the inside.

    The only thing I couldn't figure out, however, was the part where you said there was terrible writing. 'Cause I didn't see it.
    Because I'm sure that you're writing is so terrible. xP Don't sell yourself short just yet; you can't possibly be a worse writer than some of the people I know.

    Character development is awesome. So is depressing stuff. Together, it's like one big pessimistic salad. =P

    I'm gonna read them now. Mwahaha. =P
    Haha, whatever you wanna do. =) But honestly, thirteen pages isn't really that much. 'Sides, you could always split it into two chapters, or a prologue and a first chapter, if you wanted.
    Mmm, well, I guess they gotta take some stuff out of the movie. Otherwise, it'd probably be as long as Lord O' The Rings. =P

    I like dark stuff. Dark is good. And 'sides, I haven't seen any good fanfiction on Chelle yet. Did you post any of them on fanfiction.net?
    OHMAGOSH You have a fanfiction on Portal 2. I wanna read that. =0 ... Please?

    Heh, that's actually not to strange a mix. Halo and Portal 2 go together, and Tangled was a freaking awesome movie, so it totally deserves a fanfic.

    And you saw the Hunger Games movie before me. Dang it. =P Anyway, how was it? Did it actually go along with the books?
    Ah, I see. Well, then, what's it about? Star Wars? The Hunger Games? My Life as a Teenage Robot? Trust me, I've read plenty of supposedly nerdy fanfictions. =P
    You're writing fanfiction? Oooooh... now that's something I want to read. =P Did you post any of it on the site?
    Woah... it's been, like, decades since I last saw you. But hey, you're back! =D Any-who, sorry I didn't respond to your visitor message until now. I kinda went on a hiatus around the start of the year. 'Probly shoulda checked my messages instead of dropping off the face of the planet, but aw well...

    Anyway, how you been? You still into the RPing business?
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