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  • sell im tryign to stay out of this asmuch as possible but im sorry how would u feel when u were in tss if a memebr left in a storm and then pmed 15 members to join their new clan u owuld be angry im sorry he didnt respect you he was joking around imo
    im sorry zell i dont enjoy doing what must be done yes member poachign is bad so please i dont want to sound rude at all i want this to move on
    btw bree pmed all of tss tellign us to leave she has been reported for poaching to bh game and your clan leader
    well zell im sad to see you go i wish you luck in future endevours i will do my best to keep in touch with you
    And exactly how was it my fault? You were the one who argued with X. You were the one who kept ragequitting (when you ragequit you are liable to taunts and such). YOU were the one abusing your powers on the xat. No matter what it comes down to, it is your fault you had such harsh criticism and insults aimed at you.
    Hey Zell, thanks for helping me with everything, do you need anything to help with the team or do you have it under control?
    Well I'm on my 3DS right now, and my brother is on the computer right now, so give me a time frame of when you'll be on the xat and I'll try to make it, thanks again.
    Oh, you don't have to fix one up for me. I don't want to pressure you like that but thank you.I want to learn how to do all this, so I guess when you're done if you can walk me through how you went about it
    Alright, well, I wanted to make a crippling team, one that can causd status inflictions, and pile them up, while at the same time hit hard and fast, or last long, but the thing is I don't know what Pokemon I should use, except for Milotic of course. Adding on that most Pokemon I like are either too frail, or in lower tiers except for a few. So I came to you, since you can make a Shellos work in OU.
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