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  • Your PM box is full. Can you trade me a female Drilbur today for one of the Bold Nasty Plot Togepis? I can breed the Trevenant later this week (probably towards the weekend because I have finals coming up) and I can trade you the Trevenant for the other Drilbur or possibly something else.
    Hello. Since your PM inbox is full, I decided to make an offer here. I wanted to ask if you were willing to trade that Korean Xerneas you posted about for a 6 IV Modest Rotom. Let me know if you're interested.
    I have 4 IV Timid Noibats if you are interested,
    The IV Spreads of the 4 I currently have are:
    31/XX/31/XX/31/31 Infiltrator Note: This Noibat is LvL 24(due to breeding though it does not have any EV's) Female
    31/XX/31/31/31/XX Infiltrator Female
    31/XX/31/31/31/XX Infiltrator Female
    31/XX/31/31/31/XX Frisk Male

    I would like to trade for your Immunity Impish Gligar.
    Thank you, have a nice day. :)
    Sorry i missed you. i was busy. wanna pick another time? Also include your GMT time, so that I can adjust my own. Its the time down at the bottom if you didnt know.
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