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Last Activity:
Feb 25, 2017
Aug 15, 2010
Likes Received:
Virginia, USA

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Herr Wailord, from Virginia, USA

Zennyboiz was last seen:
Feb 25, 2017
    1. Dark Sharpedo
      Dark Sharpedo
      Hey Zen. I dont know if you remember me from OO. BUT YOU ARE THE MAN.
    2. Ampy
      High School seems so long ago now... even though it's only been 2 months, just make your grad year a good one, I'm regretting not doing more now.
    3. Ampy
      It's been going pretty good, enjoying my last free Summer before I have to join the real world... ;_; How about you?
    4. Ampy
      Awww yeah, it's beautiful.

      And I see your avatar is still the same... ;p
    5. ElliotDX
      Zenny i logged on and saw your message!

    6. Zhanton
      Ah good for you, breaks from school are always good especially when you can do those things that you just don't have time for during school terms D: Also mouse as in computer mouse or pet mouse :P
    7. Zhanton
      I can't remember if I ended up battling the E4 a second time on White actually, but I probably didn't hahaha. *shrugs*

      How have things been going? I'm guessing you're on Spring Break atm?
    8. Zhanton
      I've been pretty good as well, started uni and that's going well. Honestly I haven't played much of BW2 - I stopped after Roxie, and that was in like November, whoops. ;P

      /late reply
    9. [GS]
      Cool, I haven't played in months /:

      Been rough, but everything's good now. Had a final today. In math x:
    10. [GS]
      ZENNY! Hey dude, long time no see.

      How you doin'?
    11. Ampy
      Hahaha, it's allll good.
    12. Ampy
      So since you're getting back into Pokemon would you be interested in a clan?
    13. Ampy
      Agreed, I'd just rather play LeafGreen :P
    14. Aurath8
      Indeed it has. I don't think I've seen you since the Rating Union was closed down. Now IGRMT is pretty barren after XY were announced..
    15. Tsumiki
      I know the feeling. I'm not too bad, enjoy what's left of winter break. What 'bout you?
    16. Ampy
      I bought it off my friend for $5 so guess I got lucky XD

      I've played through the Johto part of SS twice now but I always get bored once I get to Kanto... guess I'll give it another shot soon.
    17. Shine
      I'm fine, thanks for asking :)
    18. Ampy
      I've heard good things... there's 2 on the GBA but I haven't seen the second one anywhere :/

      Emerald is definitely my favourite... but I had so much fun with competitive on Platinum that it makes it a hard choice XD
    19. Shine
      Hey you! XD
    20. Tsumiki
      Hey! It's been almost two years, buut hey!
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  • About

    Virginia, USA
    I am a person who plays Pokemon. I love many pokemon, but one of my favorites is Wailord.

    Pokemon, rating teams and Animal Crossing



    Played Every Region. Beat Every Region. Wailord.;321;