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  • High School seems so long ago now... even though it's only been 2 months, just make your grad year a good one, I'm regretting not doing more now.
    It's been going pretty good, enjoying my last free Summer before I have to join the real world... ;_; How about you?
    Awww yeah, it's beautiful.

    And I see your avatar is still the same... ;p
    Ah good for you, breaks from school are always good especially when you can do those things that you just don't have time for during school terms D: Also mouse as in computer mouse or pet mouse :p
    I can't remember if I ended up battling the E4 a second time on White actually, but I probably didn't hahaha. *shrugs*

    How have things been going? I'm guessing you're on Spring Break atm?
    I've been pretty good as well, started uni and that's going well. Honestly I haven't played much of BW2 - I stopped after Roxie, and that was in like November, whoops. ;P

    /late reply
    Cool, I haven't played in months /:

    Been rough, but everything's good now. Had a final today. In math x:
    So since you're getting back into Pokemon would you be interested in a clan?
    Indeed it has. I don't think I've seen you since the Rating Union was closed down. Now IGRMT is pretty barren after XY were announced..
    I bought it off my friend for $5 so guess I got lucky XD

    I've played through the Johto part of SS twice now but I always get bored once I get to Kanto... guess I'll give it another shot soon.
    I've heard good things... there's 2 on the GBA but I haven't seen the second one anywhere :/

    Emerald is definitely my favourite... but I had so much fun with competitive on Platinum that it makes it a hard choice XD
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