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  • oh just college and such been really busy don't really play competitive anymore haha I just lounge around on here to hang out with people.
    Glad to hear. After being sunny for a good while it rained and now it's sunny again :D

    Yeah I guess it's quite well known. A total of 25 ish episodes over 2 seasons and a movie's coming out! It might take a while for you to appreciate the anime though.. I like it doesn't have enormous story to it (it's episodic as well) and there's a lot of "pointless" chit chat. Like I didn't extremely find it entertaining until halfway through.

    Oooh I see. What, are your parents that kind of backgroud?
    That's a good start I suppose.

    5th Gen. is hectic now so if you don't want to enter a Forum with Trols,n00bs and flaming then stay away.I guess that one of the rater's thinks he's a god at rating.
    You're in virginia iirc? Yeah I heard the eastern hits are in a heat wave after a hurricane like storm. Most places are still without power so no refrigeration and air conditioning in like high high 30's celsius. must be awful. And although not an extreme place, I'm sure in some places water/ice/food prices must be rising. I know that's what happened after katrina

    I'm a bit behind on it but currently finishing up dusk maiden of amnesia. Pretty good with elements of romance, mystery, comedy..
    Also about to start season two of bakemonogatari. Really great art/sound and of course pretty good story in first season. I don't watch anything "mainstream" (naruto, one piece, etc) if you know what i mean

    mygawd yeah ikr? and then there's asian parents. What you hear about them isn't a steroptye. It's actually true - they get pissed at you for getting an 85 lol.
    Haha, right on, I just got pulled over by a cop and didn't get a ticket, so I'm just enjoying myself a bit. x)
    Oh I see. I haven't ventured off in that direction before. Barely know a thing about it.
    I'm trying to do a bit of classical / metal. For my own interest and fun and for a school project too.

    **** it's raining again here in vancouver :( It was really nice and sunny for a few days.
    I've been like either out of the house all day with friends or in my bed on my computer watching anime lol and my asian mom thinks I'm being a lazy bum. She drove me and made me study at the library in the morning :/ . As soon as she left for work I IMMEDIATELY headed home. geez that sucked extremely
    Good, good! Stuff's been swimmingly since I was here last, so now I'm just enjoying Summer. :D

    And you?

    Good.Glad to see you are returning.

    So,from reading some of your conversation's,I heard that there was an earthquake where you live.I feel kinda bad for you.
    Good.But I'm not so sure we've actually met before,you may remember me as Salamence lover Logan.Changed my name.Btw you can call me Logan.

    I saw you're gonna start rating again.Good luck!IGRMT desperately eeds more good raters.
    Ooooh making music. interesting. me too kinda :D
    May I ask what sort of music you're creating??

    I tried a bit of competitive battling once on poke lab (i think it's called that..). It didn't last long though.
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