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  • I would love that honestly and that's what I am saying. Look at someone like Harley. He was a gay guy and they could do things with him that they couldn't do with straight male characters and that would be the same for female characters too.
    That's what I am trying to say though. I want him to have a female rival that isn't like Gary, Paul or Trip. Like you said, they could do different things with females that they can't do with males and you brought up a few good examples in your post.
    I want to settle this with you on VM and I hope we can settle this and be friends. When I said I wanted a competent female rival, I said that because all of Ash's other female rivals weren't competent and I would like to see something different. I'm not the only one. Males and females are very different in how they act. I wasn't trying to start an argument or say I was right and everyone else was wrong or that I don't like Pokémon and how it's being written. I said what I wanted to happen. You may not understand why I want it to happen and you may not want it to happen yourself but I want it to happen and there is nothing wrong with that.

    After I stated that, you said my argument was baseless even though it wasn't an argument. It was something I wanted to happen. When someone came along and agreed with you, you said, "finally a smart person." You said I didn't know how to debate even though I wasn't trying to debate. All those things offended me. A lot of people want a competent female rival and there is nothing wrong with that. Why you singled me out, I don't know but I really felt offended by some of your comments when I stated I wanted a female rival.
    Believe it or not i heard this song when i was 7 and i've heard it twice in my lifetime never knowing the name of it. The song didn't have any lyrics so there was no way i could find it since all i did was hum it to maybe have someone who knew about it tell me anything in regards to this song, but nothing. People would look at me like i was crazy lol. I said a song that played the flute and had a very soft and exquisite melody existed that i wanted to find, but nobody could ever help me. I thought i would die without ever finding this or hearing it again. So i was looking up more songs from this youtube channel i came across too about a week ago and i checked a couple of songs that i liked. I even sent you a link to a song he had that i thought was nice. Well lord behold he had the song i was looking for and now i can say i will die happy lol. It's really cool so i wanted to share it with you.
    Aww, why suspense, why? xD I have to wait until fall as well. I live in the USA!
    Ooh, that song is pretty~
    Yeah, and that's true, they probably won't let us be bad guys or customize our characters..
    They did? But I mean like, you can let your Pokemon roam, and they could come back, you can feed them when they tell you they're hungry, etc.
    You can breed for hidden moves? I didn't know that..
    Yeah, if the animations on BW 2 are that good, I think they can handle the 3ds.
    That's a cool dream. I want to have a Pokemon game where you can be the villain and a game where Pokemon go with you if they want to, like in the anime.
    But there was only like 3-5 minutes you shaved off, if even that. It could've been even less. We were pretty much at the end.
    It's cool though man. Even though it's less satisfying than a full battle, a forfeit is a legitimate admission of defeat.
    At least you didn't RQ or something. Don't worry about it.
    No problem. :)
    Yeah, if GameFreak ever does Pokemon for the 3ds, I'd be happy. All that B/W2 will get in the 3ds is catching legends with the AR thingamajig.
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